Uneven matckmaking

At times, it is difficult to understand the uneven matchmaking. One match overwhelming win. One match overwhelming loss. There doesn’t seem to be a balance of opponents.


That is pretty normal. The matchmaker is based BR and does a good job of keeping every one and the same range. The skills of the individuals involved has never been a factor.

N.B. All nations are equal, some nations are more equal than others.

Edit: I’ve now had a chance to play some today and the matches have all been steamrollers. The MM does seem to produce that sort of streak from time to time but it will level out.


I’ve told people for the hundredth time. MM “balances” the game. The fact that they officially say +/-1 BR is bullshit before the match is calculated by the teams. Each player has a parameter “average relative position in the team” and based on this parameter the game is “set”. Take a random replay, pull this parameter from each player’s profile and add them together. The sum of both teams is ALWAYS almost identical.

I don’t know the exact formula that works here, I know “balancer” is the biggest shit of this game because there’s no randomness at all

They certainly apply this to newly purchased premium vehicles, the first 20-30 games are always very easy and fun. This is to cause satisfaction with the purchase that it was a good decision.

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Most of these “matches” are predetermined by the MM. Last couple of weeks I’ve been stuck in +0.7 BR hell. With more than 260 battles I have a “win” rate of 46% for the month. Like a clockwork… +0.7 or +1.0 uptiers. Waste of time and my paid premium. The thing is I check all the battles for the day and I never get above 50% win rate that given day. What’s even worse, I had many days that had 30% or less win rate. I highly doubt all these losses add up to 46% win rate.
Years ago I was spading a plane AD-2 and counted 24 losses and something like 3-4 wins. That was the time I was (yet again) stuck in this suck zone, so I got to a point of writing each match down. I waited multiple days for the stats to update, but the loss count was stuck on 19. I specifically counted 24 losses (it’s easy to write down after each match). This means FIVE losses were not counted/missing. Interesting, as if there is a subroutine that hides this unbelievable suck. I even wrote about it years ago on the old forum.
Now I’m counting each match again and so far I see unbelievable amount of sucky uptiers and losses. Is that how gaijin balances the income? They increased the in-game income, but nerfed your win rate and force you to constant uptiers. Hmm…
One more thing, back in the day I had a 68% win rate. For years later I was being punished with low 40% win rates for each month. I got to a point that now my overall win rate is 53% and it got stabilized for a while. Now, out of a sudden, I started to go down once again. I remember gaijin said that the MM does not look at your win rate. I call a total bs on that. Any one player stating that has no clue what is really going on.
I got to a point that I started leaving matches. If gaijin cannot provide equal teams, why should I be paying for their ineptitude (or even worse, nefarious deeds)?


Why is this still allowed, gaijin??? Why do you allow squads that are mismatched by such a broad BR range? This player is still being counted as 5.7 lineup. You had almost 11 years to fix this…
EDIT: Btw, yet another +0.7 uptier.

I do agree but the BR’s themselves are based on a flawed statistical model (imho). Using Gaijinlogic it makes sense but to those of us on the outside it is odd in the extreme some times.

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Still playing EVERY match with +0.7 or even +1.0 uptiers. The last match took the cake. My shots were doing VERY LITTLE DAMAGE. Meanwhile I was dying left and right from other destroyers. Only got 2 kills and one of the kills was a damaged destroyer while I lost 3 destroyers. This NEVER happens to me, unless it’s one of these matches that my shells do not work. Tried all the ships to make sure it’s not just Moffett. Also tried different shells. Just scratching the paint most of the time. I used to get 12-16 kills with a Moffett without dying, then it was 10-12, then 6-8, then 3-4, but now it’s even hard to kill anything in many matches. It goes up and down and is a proof that I get nerfed every couple of matches. How about weeks now of constant +0.7 to +1.0 uptiers??? Non-stop, without a break. You call this a game, gaijin? I would be dumb to continue this farce. Go ahead, play this silly game yourself.
Also, has anyone noticed that the Moffett engine got nerfed. The ship is very sluggish now and it takes a long time to reverse course or start going from a stop. Played enough matches to see the difference. Yet another stealth nerf of a premium vehicle. gg


Sometimes I think that frustration speaks and you don’t even think about what you write. If the game makes one person lose every game… another player has to win.
The uptier is more frequent than desired, I agree about that. It’s part of their evil plan and very hard on some tanks that suffer out of their BR.
The only thing I have seen is that the game goes through a very marked streak of winning 6 games and losing as many others.
The worst thing is the people that die in the first minute and don’t get more tanks, many times they are top tier.
The game should force you to take out at least 2 tanks, especially if you have not spent more than 4 minutes. It’s disgusting to see how your team is with 3 less in the 1st minute.

hahaha Well, I’ve been fooled. My first 30 games with obj 120 were with a 40% winrate.


Your perspective and perceptiveness is just too narrow. I looked at your stats and that’s enough for me to know who I’m talking to. It doesn’t surprise me at all. However, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, just because someone doesn’t understand something or has a problem seeing it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Hidden mechanics in games are nothing new, and the more so in F2P where there are a lot of mechanisms that are supposed to get money from you.

If you are even a little curious about it, look for hidden mechanisms in games on the Internet, developers in some interviews openly admit how much is going on behind your back and this is not a new topic. And what I wrote is based on my experience, 10 years of playing, many tournament wins and thousands of hours spent polishing over 1000 vehicles in the game. You don’t have to believe me, just don’t be stupid enough to have tunnel vision.

So show some evidence of it in WT - not “some games on the internet”.

that’s why they’re called hidden mechanisms, because they’re meant to occur only in certain situations. Only the developer knows how and when it works. If you could replay these situations very often, you could start using it to your advantage.

Why do you think there’s so much RNG in these games? Because the “random” element gives a lot of room for abuse. If you had a dry shot, re-raised, kill with 100% efficiency, you couldn’t manipulate the gameplay. That’s why each module in the game has its own HP, each crew member, each shot has a 10-20% penetration margin, ammunition randomly explodes when shot at it.
Are you so naive that someone records every shot, kill, and compares it to a few thousand other games to prove it to people like you? During the game, you focus on the game and the correct execution of a given action, and deviations from those correctly performed are registered in your consciousness automatically.
it’s a bit like trying to explain to you that the earth is round while you only see flat land in front of your eyes. I see your stats and I know it’s like trying to explain it to a monkey.

Matchmaking is based on BR of your vehicles, with some addition rules for uptiers and downtiers.

Unfortunatelly some players are just objectively bad at this game and WT has no mechanics to put that into MM.


Damn I wish this was true.


I disagree. Why should I be forced to bring out more tanks after I witness the opponent capturing all the zones and my team either dead or sitting at base.

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Because your team gets off to a bad start and you get destroyed.

Especially in the 3rd minute of the game. It doesn’t mean that all is lost.

I’m sick of the absurd yolos and the lobby and even worse those who don’t even play a tank.

They should be penalized for ruining the experience for the rest.

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That which you ascribe without evidence can be rebutted without evidence also.

Ah - an ad hominem - a sure sign that someone doesn’t actually have any evidence at all.


Are you really going to give up so easily? Lmao, no wonder you are not enjoying this game when you leave on first sign of defeat. Reminds me of playing tabletop games with my 4 yo old niece.

OK, random match replay:

from wiki WT abaut MM:

“These are all the rules that the matchmaker uses in random battles. There are no exceptions such as matching by player performance statistics at all.”

and now:
The average “skill” of the team in total varies between 800-1000, every time you check the battles both teams have a very similar total “average relative position in the team”, this parameter was more detailed years ago when it counted for much greater accuracy,

it has been shortened to 2 digits in profile in game now. it’s from creating a team on TSS, no one wanted to provide information about the number next to the nickname when signing up for the tournament and where it comes from, once we accidentally came up with it. I just don’t remember if it’s the total or the last 30 days

In this random battle, I managed to catch a hell of a large discrepancy anyway, usually both teams have very similar total points.

I know that I will not convince some that the calculations will not be as precise as MM does because it works on certain frames and the exact details will not be revealed by snail, I know for sure that there is no case here. For the last 2 years I regularly play toptier, I played thousands of battles and not to notice that I always have these “better” players in the enemy team, you must be really stupid. How much you play on a given BR and a certain group of people play there, you associate nicknames, you notice things like constantly playing against them, you notice that you have them in your team very rarely and only in a situation where there will be a few other good players on the opposite side.

I do not have access to the exact algorithms on which MM works, but it resembles operation

You don’t have to believe me or check anything yourself, you can still believe that everything is a coincidence and live in such a belief.

I am familiar with many match making systems, including ELO and variations of Swiss Chess due to having organised many tournaments using them - IMO the game would almost certainly better if they were employed.

But you still no actual evidence of ELO or any other MM system being employed other than in the circumstances described.

You can continue to have a chip on your shoulder based on nothing at all of course - up to you.