Ukraine Ground Forces Tree




No why?
We already have Ussr ingame which ukraine is part of. Just add ukranian vehicles to Russian(Soviet) Techtree

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The only way i see Ukraine tech is own tech tree or through other nation that are not USSR/Russian tree. Becouse we know Ukraine will not like being put in USSR tree as we have see with other post soviet nation not like it too. And it possible the Russian wouldn’t like get Ukraine tech too.

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The best way if ukraine gets an entire new nation is if it would only get vehicles after Ussr and to start ukraine is you need Ussr rank(…) similar to israel

Commonwealth of nations

This saves in-game nation at least in ground tech lmao

Literally the main option
@Yuanfurba have you even read this suggestion, or came here directly to cause disturbance?

It’s a reply to your recent message

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Why would it need a save? the fun thing about having nations is the difference in type of vehicles, playstyle and diversity. Now it’s just all copy and fighting yourself/playing mixed battles in toptier especially. Why play Germany if Italy gets the better German made Leopard for Hungary or sweden if Italy gets the better grippen, why play Germany if you got Italy or sweden, why play GB (air) when you have Italy. It doesn’t make sence and isn’t fun to play against

Yes i did, but the begin is too early(Soviet era). Either very late Soviet or ukraine. Rank 6 or 7 is alright not rank 4 or already ingame Soviet vehicles

I have a framework for an updated tree just so everyone is aware, just a LOT of personal stuff is going on, I’ve put it on standby. My current two projects are:

  • Polish-subtree suggestion (more info on that later, don’t fret at the word of it being a “subtree”, it’s more complicated than that. It’s going to be quite different from the one on the old forum I made, link is below for it. Could also be used as a 4-division of a Visegrad tree which I also made. It will investigate all the options for Poland.) I also will be trying to create an option for a Polish Independent Tree which will be separate from this ^
  • Updating this tree to reflect new modifications and new vehicles as a whole like the MT-LBu w/ Parus or M1A1 SA-UKR.

Perhaps there should be another view at the position of Leopards in the tree - we dont need then to form a potent top tier, and there seems to be heightened scrutiny on Leopards and T-80s with the addition of the BeNeLux tree

The Leopard 2A6, unmodified, should probably go

The 2A4V - maybe? Does the added protection make that much of a difference now?

M1A1 SA-UKR - Can stay, its even “modified from the factory” for Ukraine. And it gets cage/slat armor, K1, ARAT-1 and possibly K-5?

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Rheinmetall has agreed to build Lynx tanks for Ukraine, locally in Ukraine, according to multiple German and Ukrainian news reports. First Lynx will be produced till the end of this year.

So it’s safe to add Lynx (presumably KF-41, but specific modification is currently unknown, maybe there will be multiple variants) to the Ukrainian Tech Tree without any further reservations.

(Illustrative photo)


We will need definitive proof that Ukraine will get their hands on KF41s, France said they would send Leclercs and never did. Once the burden of proof exists, then it can be added to the list.