Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

We do the best we can. A sample size of 2500 isn’t great but the results can somewhat be extrapolated to the larger community


Since the game will soon have its first M109 howitzers added (and given to three nations at once), it’s time to list another possible addition to Ukrainian tech tree: M109A5ÖE

I hope no one will question the fact that Ukraine extensively uses Paladins and all used modifications deserve to be in future tech tree.


Hello everyone, OP here. I apologize for not being able to provide an updated tree. Real life i.e. my job (with increased OP TEMPO, I serve my country’s military), family loss, etc. has kept me unable to work on suggestions and such. I will release more suggestions and an update to this tree eventually when life calms down. We’re at over 2,500 votes! Incredible for a suggestion. Thank you for voting and providing feedback and regardless on how you feel about the suggestion, ffs stay civil.


We hope everything will be fine with you. We look forward to updating the proposal. Personally, I’d like to see @Blastertitan’s idea of the tree in the game. Also, @Merkko has a good tree for aviation. We talked about it, but for some reason the discussion was deleted (probably off-topic). It would have been nice to add it to the main proposal to reinforce the ground tree.


Yeah, I’ve submitted the air tree. Would take some time till it gets approved.


Please check out Merkko’s fantastic independent air tree. 💪


It was faster than I expected :)

Another possible addition to tech tree, revealed by Luch Design Bureau:
Amulet ATGM on the HMMWV chassis

Stugna-P already proven to be very effective against tanks and even capable to destroy Ka-52 helicopters, so it would be good to have it on mobile chassis in the game.

Amulet description from Militarniy

Amulet ATGM is designed to defeat stationary and moving ground targets, including armored and equipped with explosive reactive armor.

The Amulet is mounted on a rotary platform with supports for the moving part. The launcher is equipped with optical sensors and mounts for two guided missile launch assemblies.

ATGM can use RK-2S and RK-2М missiles.

The module is controlled remotely by the operator’s console. The empty containers are replaced with new ones manually.

The system can be used at any time of the day, in different weather conditions, and in a wide temperature range.

Amulet ATGM adopted optical sensors from Stugna-P. It has two modes of operation with a wide (4 ° 20 “x 3 ° 10”) and narrow (1 ° 15 “x 0 ° 50”) field of view.

The optical sensors provide detection of armored vehicles at distances of at least 13.5 kilometers and recognition at 5.5 kilometers.

A thermal imager is mounted above the optical unit, which can detect targets at a distance of up to 11 kilometers and recognize them at a distance of 4.7 kilometers.


I understand you, now we have very difficult times, and I don’t like this “silence” in the capital.
(I am from the capital on the left bank of the Dnipro River)


Event vehicle candidate HMMWV with 122 mm multiple rocket launcher 🫡


The first tank with the Ukrainian flag in the equipment passport?


It could easily be one of the tanks captured in Syria.

Syrian T-72AV (TURMS-T) in the soviet tree

Hmm… Which T-90A should be added into the game, I wonder? Some random trophy from Syria, or the tank which review had millions views on Youtube, and then even more all over the news media with the photos from parking lot with well documented exterior and distinct markings (including the nickname of the commander of 92nd Brigade).

Decisions, decisions…


I don’t think they are that stupid to add trophy vehicles. It’s going to cause a shitstorm among the majority in the community

First time?


Only one specific part of the community. And even they got over Bhishma already.

This possible addition once again shows how ridiculous are the complaints from Ukraine TT haters about “clones” or donated vehicles.
It doesn’t even matter at this stage of War Thunder life cycle - every nation will have same vehicles at top tiers at some point anyway.


Yes, but that vehicle isn’t captured.

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God, I will literally begin to play this game again if this tank is in a US tree under a Ukrainian flag…


Would be interesting if we actually get this tank since it is one of the few early T-90As not fitted with a thermal sight