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Footage of Su-17’s at reconnaissance regiment in Limanskyi, 1994.


Not quite sure but i think i saw photos from training airfield of Kharkiv Air Force University featuring MiG-27K

Yes, here is this photo, but from the appearance. It looks not airworthy. Moreover, I managed to find more information about the MiG-27M and D in Ukraine. They were not directly in service. But they were kept in storage and well maintained in airworthy condition. Here I quote: (hiden in folder)


By the beginning of 1992, 49 MiG-27M and D were under repair at the in Lviv and the storage base in Ovruch. The command of the Ukrainian Air Force did not intend to use the MiG-27 - without that, during the reduction by the end of 2000, only the most modern aircraft were going to remain in service. Nevertheless, they were in no hurry to cut them into metal: in accordance with the agreements, only old and exhausted equipment - MiG-21, Tu-16 and Tu-22 thirty to forty years old - were allowed into liquidation. The MiG-27s stationed at the plant, having undergone repairs and acceptance, were preserved with due care: almost all aircraft were sheltered from bad weather in closed workshops and hangars.

The MiG-27 and other equipment have been offered for years at international arms exhibitions and through the Ministry of Defense, but without success (their price was quoted at $16 million, clearly unrealistic). Ultimately, four MiG-27Ms were purchased by Sri Lanka, which had virtually no modern combat vehicles before. The aircraft were reconfigurated and their camouflage was changed to neutral gray. Pilots with experience in piloting the MiG-27 were sent from Vinnytsia to test fly aircraft, after which they would aboard the Il-76 to be delivered to the customer in early August 2000. Based on the experience of successful use, in December 2000, Sri Lanka purchased three more aircraft from Ukraine - two combat MiG-27s and a twin MiG-23UB.

Самолеты на хранении в Украине - Военная авиация - Forums

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I hope they add some vehicles for the lower classes too…

Rank I
Nieuport XXVII, 1917

Rank III
Yakovlev Yak-52

Rank V
Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin
Antonov An-12BKV (Bomber)

Nieuport’s engine is too weak. It has only 130hp.


Forgot about the UP-277 ARH missile Luch’s developed. It’s a missile based off of the R-77.


Should have more energy than the R-77 as they replaced the draggy rear fins, which is the R-77s problem in game right now!
Great news


Idk much about it, it went through testing but idk what its current status is. It would be sick if it was fitted on a MiG-29UM1/2 at least once, then it would really differ the top lineup.

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New Decal


It would be really nice to see this in game.


That would be scrapping the barrel so hard.