Ukraine Air Force Tree

-1, Dont need another copy paste vehicles.


At the same time you vote +1 for Turkish tech tree (I’m not against it, mind you) despite the fact that Turkey has even worse clone situation for their Air Force tree than Ukraine (it’s basically 99% planes from US\UK\Italy).
Kind of hypocritical position, don’t you agree?


After seeing the whole Tech tree, I changed my mind too. Dont worry about it. I think we need more unique vehicles… Like JF17, K1 etc etc

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+1 Awesome man, great work!

He meant +1, we need a new country

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nah. It is enough to research the Russian tree…

Do planes in Russian\soviet tree have Western ammunition’s (bombs\missiles\rockets) attached?
Does Russian\soviet tree have F-16/Mirage-2000-5/Gripen at the same time?
Ukraine Air tree will have (potentially) all of the above.

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and… why would you need it at the same time? As i remember, ARB still dont have respawns so you cant bring an entire garage.

dont need them as they would simply get SU25SM3s ATGMs which outperform western

Camos and Russia’s sub tree, done.

You dont need to research a tree if you dont want to …?

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So you just want russia with western tech on top gj copy paste

Can we not get anything indigenous or domestically built ? with Ukraine or is it all copy paste ???

Argentina is considering transferring some of its Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard to Ukraine.
So that’s another possible addition.

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Ukraine was focused on developed civilian aviation industry historically and also aerospace industry (space rockets and engines), not combat. So no, there’s no “domestically built” combat planes.

But considering that only select few countries in the world have combat aviation development and manufacturing, and most of them are already in War Thunder, we have to work with what we have.

If you want to be a purist, please go and advocate the removal of all imported non-domestic vehicles from all current and future tech trees, and we’ll see how this will turn out.


I’m not having a go, I’m just looking at all possibilities, i would love it for Ukraine to be represented in War Thunder, even if they did it would be great but its going to be alot of the same we already have, maybe they could be a sub tree with another nation ???

Personally I consider Air Force tree as a supplement for really strong Ground Forces tree, and such consideration would also apply for many other possible future nations with non-existing combat plane production or really recent to the point it’s only domestic top-tier (like aforementioned Turkey Tech Tree).

For now we have to work with soviet planes domestically modified with Western munitions and Western planes that will be a new additions to Air forces (F-16, Mirage-2000, possibly Gripen, possibly Super Étendard)



Guess what?
: )

What weaponry it will have, we dont know yet.


MiG-29 (9-13) with special livery of “Ukrainian Falcons”, on combat readiness with R-27ER1 and R-73 missiles, 2014.

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Due to recent developments, we may be surprised with the inclusion of American F-16s
I dont know much about the production variants and modernisations and all of that - but from what I can tell, the oldest American F-16s still in service today are F-16C Block 30s, and as such, would be the ones to go if not newer variants.

Namely, this is the upgrade giving it AIM-120s, along with HARMs, but we dont have them in game yet.