Ukraine Air Force Tree

So you expect Gaijin to add nation that will consist solely of top tier vehicles - something Gaijin is getting money from?
Also love the fact that only non-Russian / non-Soviet aircrafts are jet trainer and F-16.

LOL, LMAO even.


What’s with this innate thing of attributing everything from the Soviet Union to Russia? Is it just because it’s the biggest country on the map? Catches the eye better? LOL, LMAO, even.

Sukhoi was born in Belarus. His work, and leadership, brought about many Sukhoi designs and arguably allowed for later ones to exist, even if he had passed away by then. But we all say Soviet, don’t we? Crazy.

F-16 is currently the only aircraft fielded, but the Gripen could come and the Mirage-2000 has a very slim chance of following suit.
Pilots have been trained on the Gripen, with atleast simulator hours given last year.
The entire thing of the Gripen for Ukraine was contingent on Swedens accession into NATO, which was passed On February 26th.

Let me re-iterate.
LOL, LMAO, Even!


So your solution to my argument is to add even more top tier vehicles.

And I thought BeNeLux tree was stupid idea…

  1. Historically, during the division of property, Ukraine did not get Su-17M4…
  2. Only Su-17M4R-827 ORAP (Limanskoye) …
  3. But there were Su-17M3 (which you do not have in the tree)- these are Su-17M3 43 OMSHAP (Gvardeyskoye), some of them were also relocated to Limanskoye…part of the Saki airfield…



shouldn’t be added as this Brings nothing new for air players only helps ground rb


The Ukrainian MiG-29MU1 is now using the French AASM-250 “Hammer” extended range aerial bomb.

The weapon is a smart, laser guided and infrared seeking weapon with a solid rocket booster and a range of up to 70Km in ideal conditions.
This could provide the tree with a weapon as competitive as the Kh family of missiles or other guided bombs in game.

Most importantly, it gives a great stand-off attack capability to the tree


French AASM-250 HAMMER


Su-27 dropping an AASM “Hammer”

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I voted no because this wouldn’t add anything to the game. Its very restricting to only top ranks. All of these airplanes are already in the game and would be absurd to include minor modifications as a justification for a vehicle. Su-27 plane as a squadron vehicle is just outrageous. Again i had to vote no because this adds nothing to the game and is super restrictive. My suggestion has always been to bring back the old Gaijin philosophy to vehicles that could be in multiple nations. Instead of adding it and or another, you just give them skins for the nations they also represent. For example the P-40, instead of adding it to the UK tree they just gave the American one all the Commonwealth skins.


Today Lithuania announced transfer of their only L-39ZA Albatros to Ukrainian Air Force, so that’s another possible addition to the tree.


MiG-27K from the training airfield of Kharkiv Air Force University

Photos taken in 1997.



Some other planes used by the “Ukrainian People’s Republic” are as follows:

Propellor Aircraft

  • Antonov An-2
  • Nieuport 17/23
  • Nieuport 21

Jet Aircraft

  • Aero L-29 Delfin
  • Aero L-39 Albatros


  • Mil Mi-2
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Ukrainian MiG-29 with ADM-160 MALD missiles, equipped with electronic warfare systems and designed to establish jamming, simulate the flight of combat aircraft, as a target or decoy.

This missile has no use in War Thunder, but it is still very interesting


American small-sized guided aerial bombs GBU-39/В SDB on one of Ukrainian Su-27