Ukraine Air Force Tree

Well it looks like they are in the UK and yes the grass is still green here as we hardly had a winter yet

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“A Photoshopped Image has been going around today claiming to show a F-16 “Fighting Falcon” Multirole Fighter Aircraft with Markings of the Ukrainian Air Force during Pilot Training at an Unknown Airfield somewhere in Europe, while a known Ukrainian Pilot going by the Callsign “Phantom” stands in front of the Aircraft; however, if the Image is run through Photoshop Forensics Software it shows that the Ukrainian Markings on the Aircraft and the Pilot are likely Fake and were Edited into the Image.”


This is picture from Skrydstrup Air Force Base in Denmark and its photoshoped


Proof 2

And this pictures are also photoshopped. Yes.

And this

Looks like it lights all roundels and insignias