Ukraine Air Force Tree
“A Photoshopped Image has been going around today claiming to show a F-16 “Fighting Falcon” Multirole Fighter Aircraft with Markings of the Ukrainian Air Force during Pilot Training at an Unknown Airfield somewhere in Europe, while a known Ukrainian Pilot going by the Callsign “Phantom” stands in front of the Aircraft; however, if the Image is run through Photoshop Forensics Software it shows that the Ukrainian Markings on the Aircraft and the Pilot are likely Fake and were Edited into the Image.”


This is picture from Skrydstrup Air Force Base in Denmark and its photoshoped


Proof 2

And this pictures are also photoshopped. Yes.

And this

Looks like it lights all roundels and insignias


The tree has been updated visually and many changes were made based on what was suggested in the comment section, I want to thank everyone for their feedback I really appreciate it.

New tech tree:


List of changes:



  • Changed tech tree visuals
  • Minor mistakes fixed

Rank VI:

  • MiG-21UM - BR changed from 9.3 to 8.7 - Reason: R-3S missile removed due to the fact that it is unknown if UAF ever used such Air-to-Air missiles.
  • Yak-38M - Removed - Reason: The aircraft was taken down from service into storage in 1991 prior to creation of UAF, and sat in storage untill 2001.
  • L-39U - BR changed from 8.3 to 9.7 - Reason: The aircraft had a low BR despite its capabilities.

Rank VII:

  • Su-25UBM1 - Removed - Reason: Unneeded vehicle, tree already has 3 Su-25s with similar performance.
  • Su-15TM - BR changed from 11.7 to 10.7 - Reason: The aircraft had a high BR despite its capabilities.

Rank VIII:

  • Slight BR change to Su-24M and MiG-25PDS
  • MiG-29AS - New Aircraft
  • F-16AM Block 15 MLU - New Aircraft

Looks good


Have we considered removing one Su-25, perhaps the base model or the premium Su-25UB, or both, and adding the Georgian upgraded Su-25KM?

Georgia does have a place in the Ground Forces Tree, as an export customer. So maybe we can switch that around here?
Not to mention having similar geopolitical interests as Ukraine.

”Su-25 upgrade programme announced in early 2001 by the original manufacturer, Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing in Georgia, in partnership with Elbit Systems of Israel

  • Glass Cockpit
  • Digital Map Generator
  • Helmet Mounted Display
  • Digital Cockpit Systems
  • Digital Weapons System
  • New Navigation Systems
  • New Weapons Delivery Systems
  • Improved Day/Night Capability

+ NATO Compatibility
+ Ability to use the R-73
+ Ability to use Israeli Opher IR-Guided Bombs
+ Ability to use the Israeli Lizard Laser Guided Bombs

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Ukrainian Mi-8MSB-V were also seen using Hydra 70 unguided rockets.


Unfortunately the same problem there is not a single special vehicle is a tree that includes American and Russian planes and only there is nothing new and if the tank tree is added it will have almost most of the tanks of the rest of the country like the Russian, German, British tanks and so on It is better instead of adding something like this to add a new mood to play or solve the problems of a rod and it still exists until now it has not been solved and all these vehicles are in the game you can open it and download user skins ukraine and you ready to go


That quote only shows that you haven’t opened Ground tree proposal or haven’t done any research on Ukrainian tank industry.
As for the Air tree, not all nations have their own domestic aerospace industry (and Ukraine has, by the way, but producing civilian aircraft and space rockets, not combat planes). And moving forward, most nations will have token F-16/F-35 or some Su variants that they have not developed or produced as “top tier”. Most nations also don’t have fleet that can be utilized in the game (either too new or too small, or nation is landlocked).
Ukraine Air tree already has unique flavor, by effectively utilizing western armaments on “soviet” tech.

If you have any proposals about gameplay changes (fixing “moods” and “rods”, whatever that is) then you should post your suggestions to relevant development feedback threads. Addition of new vehicles and new trees has nothing to do with “fixing the game”.

Likewise. If you love other tech trees so much - go and play them and enjoy the game, you are already good to go. This proposal is aimed for the players who wait independent Ukrainian TT.


You’re right, there simply isn’t really an Air Force to back up the ground portion of the tree.

Not to mention it’s navy will be super tiny.

Let me clarify some points. Firstly, my primary language is not English, so it is natural that there will be some errors. Secondly, I know that most countries will have copies of the major countries for manufacturing weapons, but imagine that there is one tree in the game that owns the tanks of the rest of the country combined. Why would anyone go to play with any other tree? Everyone would play. In this country, and this is how I created the first problem, which is broken matches all the time. Thirdly, there are some differences, and I know that the Ukrainians made some modifications, but are there any modifications to the German tanks that they received, or the American ones, or any of this? Here is the problem, if the door is opened for such things, then, for example, you will find the Pantsir S1. For America or some of the things that the Russians obtained from Western weapons in the Russian tree, and with this the idea of the tree that belongs to a specific country has been lost. Thirdly, in a simulated tank match, if I was playing with a Russian tank and another Russian tank came in my face, how am I supposed to know that it is Ukrainian and not Russian, given the knowledge? The second high marks make a difference in whether you kill the enemy or die. Unfortunately, this exists, but it is rare

In the end, it seems that you have played this game 5,000 games, while I have played approximately 40,000 games. Therefore, I have experienced all of these problems. I own almost all of the game’s vehicles. I am sorry for any typo errors. I use a translation program.

No problem. You can use Deepl for best results and more natural translations.

There were such modifications. And some vehicles in question are not even present in WT currently (like Abrams variant with ARAT-1 that is currently used in actual combat). More options for the tree composition is better than no options at all.
But that discussion really belongs to a separate topic.

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I dont want another USSR, thanks.

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An interesting camofluage on the Su-27UB, far better than the modern ones fielded today!


While working on the tree project I’ve stumbled upon an interesting photographic collection on scale modeling site, the most interesting for me was Ukrainian MiG-29s in green and brown camouflage back from early years of Ukrainian Air Force.




Today’s announcement of “Hungarian Aircraft Line” (completely filled with “soviet” planes + Gripen) demonstrated that there are no limitations and no real reasons against UAF tree addition.

This completely destroys the grounds behind those silly “we don’t need more clones\soviets in the game” comments, as they are already in the game now outside of USSR tree, officially.
Don’t-wanters are welcome to “don’t want” in Hungarian topic from now on :D

Merkko, please keep up the good work! I’m sure this project will be used in the game sooner or later.


alot of people including people who main italy really do not like that it was just copy paste while they could have added many hungarian aircrafts and alot of people will still have problem with hungarian sub tt

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GBU32 ER on Mig29


The fact that Hungary has more of an Air Force, tanks and still ended up as a sub tree should say something on its own.