Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle/16式機動戦闘車

The Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle was developed as a wheeled fighting vehicle with the mobility, firepower, protection, and command and control functions necessary for short deployment and leading combat missions in island combat and guerrilla response, and was equipped in 2016.
The main gun is a JSW modified version of the British 105mm L7 gun with reduced recoil.With its 570 hp 4VA engine, it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h. Its light weight of 26 tons allows it to be transported by air on a C-2 transport plane.
By the end of FY2022, 197 vehicles have been acquired, and a total of 260 vehicles will be procured.



◎Main gun:L52 105mm Rifled Gun
◎Coaxial machine gun:Type 74 7.62mm machine gun
◎machine gun:M2HB 12.7mm machine gun


◎Engine:Mitsubishi 4VA 570hp 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine
・Size: length 1.16m, width 0.89m, height 0.88m
・Dry weight: 1240kg
・Displacement: 11.3 liters


The 4VA engine mounted on the Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle is a water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder engine, which was developed in-house by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. to accommodate the low silhouette of the Combat vehicle, adopting a design in which the cylinder is tilted 45° to suppress the overall height of the engine, similar to the Type10 tank 8VA engine, a 90° V-type engine. In developing the engine, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. In developing the engine, many components, such as the cylinder head and piston, were shared with the Type10 8VA engine to reduce acquisition, supply, and maintenance costs, and to ensure a stable supply over a long period of time without model changes, thereby reducing life cycle costs.
The engine is a device for generating power that is the source of mobility of a combat vehicle, and the Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle required a compact, lightweight, high-power engine with high power density to meet the strategic mobility performance and battlefield mobility performance requirements. To meet these requirements, the Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle engine (4VA engine) employs variable technologies (variable nozzle exhaust turbo turbocharger and electronically controlled unit injector) to achieve both high speed and low to medium speed engine performance, a technical challenge associated with high power density.
The 4VA engine uses a variable nozzle exhaust turbocharger with a variable turbine nozzle, which enables the turbine nozzle opening to be changed according to the engine speed. The variable nozzle exhaust turbocharger enables the nozzle to be closed at low engine speeds where exhaust gas flow is low and opened at high engine speeds where exhaust gas flow is high, thereby improving power output (low-speed torque) in the mid-low speed range and fuel economy in the high speed range without discarding engine exhaust energy.

“防衛産業委員会特報 290 16式機動戦闘車”

◎Transmission:Planetary gear automatic transmission with torque converter - forward 6 speed. Rearward 1 speed
◎Chassis 8x8
◎Max Speed:~100km/h






◎8x 76mm Smoke Granades
◎Laser Rangefineder
◎2x AN/AVR-2 Laser Warning Receiver


76mm smoke grenade launcher

76mm smoke grenade

◎It is possible to lock on to a target and automatically take deviation

◎Commander:Thermal Imager
◎Gunner:Thermal Imager
◎Driver: Thermal Imager

I will introduce Type16 prototype in the order in which they appeared.

Prototype Phase Ⅰ/試作(その1)
Hull #1
This hull was manufactured to investigate the recoil of gunfire and is not powered, so it cannot run.

Photo by コミント人

Prototype Phase Ⅱ/試作(その2)
Hull #2 +Turret #1 or Hull #2 +Turret #2
This vehicle to be powered and ready to run, it was equipped with two types of turrets and tested.
The gunner’s sights and the commander gunner’s sights are adapted from those mounted on Type 10 tanks


“防衛産業委員会特報 290 16式機動戦闘車”

Prototype Phase Ⅲ/試作(その3)
Prototype 99-0292
Hull #3 +Turret #3

Prototype Phase Ⅳ/試作(その4)
Prototype #1 99-0299

Prototype #2 99-0300
winch is available.

Prototype #3 99-0292
This vehicle is a refurbished Prototype Phase Ⅲ vehicle

Prototype #4 99-0291

Practical Test/実用試験
Practical Test Vehicle/実用試験車両 25-4202
RWS is tested and infantry can be boarded in the rear


Air-conditioned cars were introduced in lot C4, and cars with winches in lot C5

derived type
Common Tactical Vehicle


Bug report list


Not applied
Type16(P) driver camera cover
transmission gear
crew viewpoint

driver thermal imaging camera
Type16 engines are reversed front and rear
Remove additional ammunition rack from Type16(P)
exhaust ports shourd be black
engine position

driver camera cover
4VA engine model

Submitted as a suggestion

◎Web Sources
16式機動戦闘車 - Wikipedia
◎JGSDF Specifications
・GV-Y120003 16式機動戦闘車
・GV-Y120003C 16式機動戦闘車
・GW-Y120019B 105mm施線砲砲座付き
(from x.com)
C2540 75式105mm粘着りゅう弾2弾
C2564 91式105mm 多目的対戦車りゅう弾
C2565 93式105mm装弾筒付翼安定徹甲弾
・防衛産業委員会特報 290 16式機動戦闘車

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Awesome work on listing the prototypes hope to see them all one day.


Extended storage?


I noticed this in the old forum, and wondered if there was any additional information about this, or if its even legit

its real and since the Type 16s hull is from the same one shown in those pics only slightly modified ofc it might be possible for the Type 16 to use that package. and if not at least the new IFV and RCV can use it since it’s the exact same hull.



Documents released by the Ministry of Defense have confirmed that the armor of Prototype 99-0291 of the Type 16MCV is the Increased Armor Type III.


Can we realistically expect this upgraded type 16 to be added?

That or maybe a separate vehicle using this package


What kind of armor is that? Era?

Yeah that is what we need to find out lol some kind of ERA or composite blocks idk tbh.

Need more MCVs in the game like we have almost all official Type 74s…

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