Maneuver Combat Vehicle (Practical Test Vehicle) 25-4202

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Photo by 防衛省

The Type16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle was developed as a wheeled fighting vehicle with the mobility, firepower, protection, and command and control functions necessary for short deployment and leading combat missions in island combat and guerrilla response, and was equipped in 2016.
The main gun is a JSW modified version of the British 105mm L7 gun with reduced recoil.With its 570 hp 4VA engine, it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h. Its light weight of 26 tons allows it to be transported by air on a C-2 transport plane.
This vehicle was called Practical Test Vehicle, and was built for practical testing, the next step after the prototype stage.
Features include a uniquely shaped turret side module, space for 2~4 infantrymen in the rear of the vehicle hull, a large hatch (the ammunition box in the rear of the vehicle hull cannot be used), and a turret rear basket similar to those equipped on Type 16 production(C4 lot and later).
Remote weapon station is available.

◎Maneuver Combat Vehicle


◎Main gun:L52 105mm Rifled Gun
◎Coaxial machine gun:Type 74 7.62mm machine gun
◎machine gun:M2HB 12.7mm machine gun

◎Engine: Mitsubishi 4VA 570hp-4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine
・Size: length 1.16m, width 0.89m, height 0.88m
・Dry weight: 1240kg
・Displacement: 11.3 liters
◎Transmission:Planetary gear automatic transmission with torque converter - forward 6 speed. Rearward 1 speed(in game forward 12 speed. Rearward 2)
◎Chassis 8x8
◎Max Speed:~100km/h


◎8x 76mm Smoke Granades
◎Laser Rangefineder
◎2x AN/AVR-2 Laser Warning Receiver

◎It is possible to lock on to a target and automatically take deviation
◎Digital zoom available
◎Multiple targets can be locked at the same time
◎Magnification of the gunner sight (4x-13.3x-26.7x)


◎Commander:Thermal Imager
◎Gunner:Thermal Imager
◎Driver: Thermal Imager

◎This is the only Type16 that can use RWS, and the addition of this distinctive and cool looking vehicle will be very interesting.
◎Expected BR:9.3

◎Web Sources
16式機動戦闘車 - Wikipedia
◎JGSDF Specifications
・GV-Y120003 16式機動戦闘車
・防衛産業委員会特報 290 16式機動戦闘車

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Really nice discriptions, I think this would be a separate vehicle from the prototypes, the prototypes should have a “Year” or “Type” modification for the specific model that you can choose which one you’d like to use


Would love RCS! +1


A Type 16 with a remote weapon station would be very nice, +1


I really love this Type 16 and i need it badly! +1

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+1 My personal favorite MCV prototype. It is the most unique variant imo.
From the aggressive turret shape design, having passenger compartment in the rear, having rubber flap side skirts and even is tested with RWS.

Note the additional of the cleaning rod case attached to the back of turret basket. This feature is later added onto the Type 16 C4 and C5.

Btw here is my idea, adding MCV prototypes with the Type 93 APFSDS.
For the Type 16 once the new improved Type 93 APFSDS is introduced, it should be added to all Type 16 and move them at a little bit higher BR than the MCVs.