Type16(FPS) should get type93 shell and go to BR9.7

After i bought Type16(FPS),M735 APFSDS has been nerfed and this vechiel go to BR9.3 in Realistic Battle.It is very hard to kill a MBT with once shooting,even if they are soviet tanks and you shoot them from their left or right side.Type16(FPS) play with BR10.3 all the day,so I hope it will get the better shell and go to BR9.7 like VRCC and Type16 in tech tree.


I agree,M735 is just a pile of shit!

No thanks. Id honestly rather the regular Type 16 lost Type 93 and went down to 9.3, because there are no lineups at 9.7.

I was killing stuff using even the nerfed M735 at 10.3 on the M1 Abrams, Its a dumb nerf but it still felt fine on the Type16P a full 1.0 below that abrams tbh