Type 91/GCS-1 bomb guidance device for japan plane

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Type 91/GCS-1 bomb guidance device

Let me start at the beginning. What is the Type 91 bomb guidance device. It is a device that attaches to a free-fall bomb and adds a guidance function.It is a type of so-called guidance kit that is mounted on unguided bombs for use in the air. An infrared homing device is mounted at the end of the body to track the heat source of the ship as it sails through the sea and hits it. Guided bombs are laser-guided bombs that are widely used around the world, but this one must be irradiated with a laser.On the other hand, in the case of the “Type 91 bomb guidance system”, the bomb guidance head performs autonomous guidance, so that it is possible to quickly leave the aircraft after dropping, and the pilot does not have to perform any special operations. In addition, there was no need to attach special equipment such as targeting pods to the side of the hull.
In 1979, the Air Force Staff Department submitted a request for research into “Bomb Guidance Systems” and began internal research on the Showa 55. Based on the results, in the 57th year of the Showa era,The Blank Curtain issued a “Request for the Development of a Bomb Guidance Device,” and from the 60 years of the Showa era, production of a prototype device for the 500-pound bomb began, with technical testing conducted from 61 to 63 of the Showa era.In addition, in March 1986, the application for development was partially revised and a device for a 340 kg bomb was also produced, which was also tested from Showa 63 to the first year of the Heisei era.And from Showa 63 to Heisei 2, practical tests were conducted by the Air Self-Defense Force. Practical tests were conducted in G-airspace off the coast of the Noto Peninsula, using a remotely controlled moving target with a hemispherical infrared heat dissipation dome that can travel at 20 knots, and all hits were recorded except for system problems.In March 1991, the Coordinating Subcommittee of the Equipment Review Board decided to formalize it, and it was formalized as the Type 91 bomb guidance system.
Description of design and operation
The structure consists of a guidance control unit, a fuse, a control blade and a stabilizer blade. Within 1 second of dropping, the gyroscope is activated, and at about the same time, the homing head is cooled, the position angle is stabilized, and the fuse is armed.After 3 seconds, the gyroscope is stabilized, the homing head is cooled, and the missile enters an unguided free fall, and the rotation of the missile is controlled. It then proceeds to an induced fall and a target acquisition assessment is performed and heads to the heat source (infrared radiation source)

Type I 500 lb bomb (Mk.82)

Type I 500 lb bomb (Mk.82)
The first version uses the Mk.82 aerial bomb

In the picture, mounted on an F-2 aircraft
Type I Up Close
3D model of the mount on the handle
Again an assembler on the F-2
mounted on the F-1 aircraft

and the graphics of the attack using them
This F-4EJ is carrying nine GCS-1 Mk82(500lbs) IR image horming bombs
photo of the mount on the F-4EJ kai

Type II 340 kg bomb (JM117)

Type II 340 kg bomb (JM117)
the second version uses 340 kg bombs (JM117)
Type II up close
and mounted on the F-4ej Kai

Why you should add this to the game.

1.Reason one no precise CAS option for Japanese jets, apart from the F-16AJ, which is the aircraft from the flyer, the others only have unguided bombs or missiles.
2.Secondly, it’s a very interesting and easy to add system that is easy to make so that it is not too OP.
3.Thirdly, the gaijin promised to improve the Japanese CAS option, and so far it has only been the addition of the F-16AJ aircraft, which is fictitious.

Finally, I apologize for the linguistic and logical errors because unfortunately English is not my main language and I had to use google translator.

Highlights at the end
there is a photo of a T-2 equipped with this weapon, although all sources deny such an assembly




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This looks like a great idea! +1

As for what aircraft could use it, I want to say only the F-1, F-4EJ Kai and F-2 can. The picture of the T-2 you have might be a test aircraft that was used to “certify” it for use, or the prototype FS-T2 Kai. Although I believe the point of the GCS-1 system was that it could be mounted on any bomb, with any plane, and didn’t need new systems to be installed.

Also, I remember they didn’t add it in the past because the IR homing “wouldn’t work” on ground targets, or something, but now we have thermal imaging bombs and IR homing anyway so I think it’s beyond time this is added.


Was already suggested ages ago. The main Problem: the seeker doesn’t work for ground targets, only for ships so the devs said no

This would make no difference for GCS-1 though, the seeker is incapable of picking up ground targets because of their low contrast compared to ships

In theory picking up heat from a tank would be way easier than from the ground right next to it, so while there’s no evidence to say it could track a tank, it can be reasonably inferred that it probably can; maybe with some inaccuracy, but can nonetheless.

For example, in this image I found on google (lol) the tank is much, much, hotter than the ground around it. A thermal seeker can probably pick up the difference in temperature between the tank and the ground around it, even if it was supposed to track ships.

Worst comes to worst they can just “make up” the numbers like they’ve done before, it really seems like this is just an odd reason to keep it out of the game when they’ve added literal anti-ship missiles that are rarely used (Tornado IDS).


You do realize that this is a high resolution thermal imager? Do you think you would stick this on a bomb?
It’s no matter what you think what in theory might be possible but the sources state otherwise

But if you want to hear it from somebody more knowledgeable:

Explained it quite clearly on the old Forum

I do realize that, and that’s why I specified that it was a potential and not a factual.

I read the post, and David_Bowie said

And another problem is the GCS-1 is designed for use at sea. seeker detects the infrared rays that the target is generated and locks only the target whose product value of sea level temperature difference x area exceeds a certain value. However, it is questionable whether it will work the same on the ground. (I think it might work on the ground given the seeker’s performance, but many people think it’s impossible, so I’m writing this issue)

In short, it might. It could very well be impossible but what’s more likely is that it just wouldn’t do very well at differentiating a ground target from the ground itself, because it is calibrated to the ocean, and the ground is generally at a higher temperature than the ocean.

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sources said that the F-2, F-1, F-4ej Kai and F-15J/DJ planes

the creators of war thunder do whatever they want, for example the f-16AJ, so they can turn a blind eye to the fact that it only works on ships


So then you would have a bomb that randomly kills a target (even friendlies) in a large area… Very useful

Guidance is not a problem - devs are. There are no valid arguments to not implement it because it doesn’t matter what you say we already seen bullshit much worse.

GCS-1 even have IRCCM
It wouldn’t even be too OP since it needs at least 4 seconds to start aiming which means you can’t go under radars


+1 i dont even care if they couldn’t be used on tanks…they SHOULD make it be used on tanks Japan needs all the CAS it can get. They went as far as adding a fake F-16 just for MAVs but they could of added these stuff as well.

However i would say that it is certainly possible to use it on ground target in RL.


So do anybody has the good approvement that it can lock tanks?
All what is available is needed

+1, It’s about time after constant nonsensical denial.

I believe the second image here shows the F-4EJ Kai mounting two GCS-2 bombs. I don’t know much about them apart from being a completely domestic GPS/laser guided 2000lb bomb.

This might be due the the GCS-1 being a completely self contained weapon system that does not require any further modification to the aircraft carrying them. So theoretically any aircraft capable of carrying Mk.82 or JM117 bombs with a carrying capacity allowing for the additional weight of the guidance kit should be able to use them.

Both tanks and ships have a rather similar IR signature, they don’t just get proportionally hotter with size. Additionally, refelctions of the sea make it much harder to target a ship than it is to target a tank on the much less reflective ground. The IRCCM and filtering of these bombs would likely make them very accurate against any target within their IR tracking range.

That is not quite accurate. while the bomb does pick its own targets regardless of player input, this should be somewhat controllable through the specific approach it’s dropped in. There is also IRCCM on the seeker that should prevent locking burning wrecks.

Aircraft with ballistic computers will, with a bit of practice and caution, have no trouble singling out targets and avoiding teammates, while a new bomb reticle showing the seeker scan area upon activation rather than the impact point could make this a complete non issue.
Aircraft without ballistic computer can controll this through more predictable diving attacks that allow for a more precise targeting, but they need to be more cautious around teammates.

Overall I feel like this is a challenge players need to overcome, rather than saying the GCS-1 should be excluded simply for being difficult to use. If anything, the challenge in using them might make them a lot more interesting to use.


the second photo is wrong, it will be deleted soon

If anything, they might just make it “targetable” like other guided bombs (for ease of use, even if not 100% accurate). It is just really beyond time for these to be added.

It wouldn’t be the first time they alter a guided bombs capability for gameplay purposes.


GCS-1 is primarily intended for use against smaller boats and landing crafts, not necessarily ships. What’s more, a tank’s IR signature is on a similar wavelength and temperature, so that shouldn’t pose any issues.

This argument is more valid for the ARH ASMs.

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It doesn’t lock targets. It locks IR signature which are about the same for tanks and boats\ships