Type 91/GCS-1 bomb guidance device for japan plane

Basically what the Bombs be looking at is the Infrared. Not just any though, they read the Far Infrared Radiation. Which filter I have no clue, but good to say they will lock on IR signature on engines of boats. Should also work against tanks since landing-crafts/tanks have the same heat signature. Common sense.

Pretty sure if we put 2 tanks near each other, 1 on fire and the other normal, it will target the normal one as it thinks the one on fire is the flare to counter the IIR Bomb. Unless it’s the only one there then it will target the one on Fire due to no other vehicle near it.


I think there was a loadout for F-1 and T-2 on the old forum. I think it was david bowie posted it on the japan master tread too?

As I wrote, no source I found confirms that the T-2 carried the GCS-1, there is only a photo

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ah right. i was confused was is T-2 or F-1, it was actually an F-1. my bad.


Anything that can carry dumb bombs can carry GCS-1, it does not require anything installed. It’s fully automatic bomb attachment that turns on after bomb drop


Ground an coastal sea average temperatures are very similar, generally around 10-20*C for both. There is absolutely no reason GCS-1 can’t track tanks. It’s unlikely that GCS-1 would be unable to distinguish between the ground temperatures and the temperatures of a tank engine. The size of the target would also not mean that GCS-1 can’t be used. If the target is smaller, it would appear similar to the seeker as just a naval target at a longer distance, only reducing the lock range. GCS-1 is theoretically perfectly capable of attacking tanks.


“The scanning method is radial reticle scanning using a CCD infrared sensor.”
Which is basically this:


Info known about GCS-1:
Everything about explosive part, that’s basically bombs we already have - mk.82 and JM117
Bomb arm time - 4 seconds to start guidance
Seeker type
Scanning method - radial reticle from
Guidance part size and wing surfaces can be easily recreated from picture

Only things left that we don’t know:
FOV of the seeker(We don’t have these numbers for implemented AAM-3 either)
How strong it can turn(We don’t have these numbers for implemented AAM-3 either)

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This equipment is needed in Japan, where there is little ground equipment!

With a 4 second guidance delay GCS-1 weapons must be dropped from a minimum altitude of roughly 80m for guidance to begin with no initial vertical velocity (meaning it is also in the horizontal position), the further the bomb being dropped from the target requiring a greater initial altitude to have the time to manoeuvre, as with other GBUs. Due to the nature of the seeker however, it is likely the bomb would need to be pointed close to the target to acquire a lock unless this weapon can lock in a style similar to the maverick.

in a 45 degree dive, a plane traveling at 0.8 Mach would require an altitude of >3km (minimum distance for guidance to kick in) to gain enough time for the bomb to begin guidance and guide itself onto the target. Realistically, this would require drops from 5km altitude or more for sufficient guidance onto a target.

Therefore any GCS-1 bombing run would have to be from high altitude and would not allow for low altitude hit and run attacks on AA vehicles. GCS-1 would have limited effectiveness in high tier RB, but would be very useful in lower BRs around the BR of the F-1


Bomb tossing with CCRP might become a very viable strategy, don’t need to get super accurate with these.


Has anyone resubmitted a report compiling these notes/points to see if the Devs will change their mind to it?

If anyone has sources please send them and I can try make a report.

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『性能はともかく洋上阻止攻撃と言う戦術を確立した功績が大きいF1支援戦闘機、・・(◎_◎;)。』 1
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GCS-1 Mk82/500ポンド誘導爆弾 (rightwing.sakura.ne.jp

My sources are here. If anything helps, it will be great


I’m sorry that some sources have Polish names, when I wrote this suggestion, I didn’t yet understand how automatic translation also works for links.

By the way, they are already in the game


Which planes could carry them? F4EJ Kai, F-16AJ, the F-15s probably. What about the F-1?

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the first one deosn’t exist and the second one was only used for a2a (minus some mk82 unguided bombs). The planes that could carry it would be the F2, F4EJ and EJ KAI, T2, F1

isn’t gcs-1 basically a dumb bomb with seeker?
it does not need to add special wire since if they can carry dumb bomb similar to it, it can drop gcs-1.


I mean yes, but since it’s entirely imaginary we also can do an imaginary weapons load out for it