Type 87 RCV (P)

The Type 87 RCV (P) is currently sitting at a BR of 7.7 and is currently useless
Only getting access to a Rh202 with 66mm of pen on its best round.

With no ATGMs to back it up the vehicle is completely useless at its BR not to mention the fact it doesn’t even get a line-up.

right now the SUB I-II uses the same Rh202 with the same ammo and is at a BR of 5.3.
while I understand the Type 87 RCV (P) has an enclosed turret it can still be penned by 50.Cal rounds (almost every tank at its BR has access to), its also a wheeled vehicle so it can potentially get to higher speeds, but in reality it wont reach these speeds because most maps don’t have good roads, so you wont get to points much faster than anyone else on your team.

Either move the Type 87 RCV (P) down to a much lower br (something like 6.7) or give it an ATGM (like how the Warrior gets a Milan 2) and this also goes for the Type 87 RCV.



Would be funny to have the commander sticking out of the hatch with a Type 01 LMAT

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No to the ATGM, doesn’t carry them lol But I do agree but disagree at the same time on dropping it’s Br. Too high for a weaker gun like that, but there are a lot more heavies and well armored tanks in the Lower br. Higher Br there are more medium tanks with a bit less armor and not many heavies, many wheeled tanks with paper armor too. Could be lower Br and play it as a SPAAG.

well they gave an ATGM to the warrior and that never carried them, so its not entirely off the table.

Oh, i never knew that. Why they do that? For balance? I find that odd…

Thats not true. 5 seconds of google search will prove you wrong. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJfBFOGXsAARBGk.jpg
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Don’t mind him. He is wrong about the Warrior never carrying Milan ATGM.


If anything, 7.3 Br would be enough to use it with my 7.0 to 7.3 Line up. I cant use it it at 7.7 without the 8.3 tanks…kinda sucks how Gaijin ruined the line up for Japan…i had a very effective set… there are less proper line ups. Got to redo them now.