Type 81 (C) going up again?!

If you move the Type 81 (C) up, there will be NO line up for it! You can’t use it in the 11.0 line up that actually now exist! Making the vehicle have zero to no USE anything below 11.3! You make something have a line up then instantly destroy it!
I do not want want to start seeing 12.3 vehicles over a AA vehicle! Keep it 11.0!


It’s a shame, but still better than having them artificially nerf it so that it fits the BR.

I don’t know why it can’t just stay at 11.0 as it is, though. Maybe they are planning to add its more capable, data mined radar missile? I hope that’s the case!


Like they would give Japan a buff lmfao.
Every last BR changes has had SOME sort of Japan vehicle/aircraft receive some sort of BR increase. J6K1 went from bring 5.7 to 6.7 in a little under 2 years.

The fact they increased the Strela up and also decide to move the Type 81 (C) up as well is just ridiculous! Not only that, Nobody asked for the Type 81 (C) to go up! It was a revised BR add on!
It’s fine as is, but now it’s almost useless at 11.3!


I’d imagine it has something to do with the presence of a certain very popular, very profitable plane that sits at 10.0 and so will see the 11.0 Type 81 in a full uptier. People are paying large amounts of money for this plane that is directly countered by a strong medium range IR SAM, while people aren’t paying $60 for the Type 81.

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Imagine thinking this is remotely similar to a Pantsir that it’s .3 BR away lmao… they moved it from 10.0 to 11.0 last time, which goes against their policy of not doing large BR changes but their word means nothing anyways, but now we had an SPAA without a radar and without a lineup at 11.3… which means it’s an 11.7 SPAA now so apparently equal to a Pantsir.


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They are moving the strela up which is weirder. And I thought the holy soviet 10.0 was untoucheable

10.3 is really the black hole anyways.

The J6K1 went to 6.7, blame players. For that they have this dumb assumption oh Japanese aircraft heading on me->My insert bs superiority complex will make my why am I on fire. It’s the same reason why Japanese shells for the Type-II 75mm are only 151 and not 153 anymore. The slight nerf penetration for the shell made it less effective and affected the performance. But yeah it generally is players complaining that there losing meanwhile their statistics often give an idea of what they lack which is situational awareness.