Type 75 SPH muzzle velocity

Something I expected from the m109 G is a really large projectile drop similar to that of the Type 75 SPH.

Whats the difference between the two to account for such a projectile drop? From what I’m able to see online the SPH should be on par with m109A1

What is it you’re talking about here? The M109G uses the short barrel and the M109A1 uses the long barrel. I don’t know much about the Type 75 but if there’s a bug report to be made I suggest go out and find a source that states the Type 75 should have similar shell performance to the M109A1.

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The Type 75 SPH has an incredibly large projectile drop while shooting the m107 round, while having a higher muzzle velocity. The M109G barely has any projectile drop compared the SPH having a slower velocity. Why does the Type 75 drop off more severely than the G when it has more muzzle velocity.

(My initial question was referencing the effective range on the Type 75 being greater than the m109A1 according to Wikipedia)

The Type 75 SPH barrel lenght seems to be in-between the short M109 and the long M109 gun.

The German short 155mm uses apparently a L/20 barrel, the Japanese a L/30 and the long 155mm uses a L/39 barrel.

In game numbers give the TYPE 75 60 m/s more muzzle velocity than the m109G

You are probably confusing drop-off with higher magnification.

The Type 75mm has at least twice the magnification for the optic, giving the illusion that the shell has lower velocity and more shell drop but it’s just because targets appear closer.


Any way 155 mm howitzer has changeable powder charge so Gaijin can change ballistic in wide range as they want.


I can 100% see what youre saying and can see where I was being confused. Thank you for the explanation, I didnt even take magnification into account

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Sorry for my question not being well put together originally. Thank you for attempting to humour me