Type 61 Salisbury Class Frigate (Seacat Refit)

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Type 61 Salisbury Class (Seacat Refit)

Hello! and welcome to my suggestion for the later iteration of the Type 61 Frigate, this version covers HMS Salisbury (F32) and Lincoln (F99) after they were refitted with Seacat Surface to Air Missiles. I feel this could come to game soon as Naval moves into the missile era. Please also note this is my first Naval suggestion so please be nice :).



The Salisbury class originated from the 1944 project for a common design of ASW, AD and AW frigates. The first two ships were ordered in late 1945 with one being the Type 61 Air Direction Frigate HMS Salisbury, and the Finalised design was delivered by 1947. These designs were favoured over more complex designs due to the belief that many smaller escort ships would be needed to escort convoys and protect them from the rapidly increasing Soviet Submarine and Long range bomber threat.

The Type 61 was the First of the New generation frigates of the Royal navy, sharing many design characteristics with other designs (including some already in game), these included the Type 12, Type 41 and Type 81 Frigates. The first Type 61 was laid down in 1952 and was launched just a little over a year later, however it would not be finished and accepted into service until early 1957. In total 4 ships of this class were built; HMS Salisbury (F32), Chichester (F59), Llandaff (F61) and Lincoln (F99).

In the Late 1960s HMS Salisbury and Lincoln underwent a massive refit, upgrading most of their radar and electronics equipment and most importantly replacing the 40mm STAAG Mk.2 with a Seacat GWS-20 SAM System in order to greatly imrove its air defence capacity.

The Two upgraded ships were originally planned to be sold to Egypt on 1978, however on the delivery run it was cancelled and the two ships were recommisioned as either a training ship (F32) or submarine target (F99), Lincoln was then dismantled in 1983 whilst Salisbury served for a little longer until it was sunk as a target in 1895



HMS Lincoln underway in 1972

A pre upgrade Salisbury sometime in the 1950s

Lincoln listing to Starboard during a hard turn

A post upgrade salisbury viewed from the back left

Lincoln Alongside at Rosyth sometime in the 1970s

The Stern of Salisbury before her STAAG was replaced



General Specs

  • Displacement: 2,170 tons standard, 2,400 tons full load
  • Length: 340 ft (100 m)
  • Beam: 40 ft (12 m)
  • Draught: 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m)
  • Engines 8 × ASR1 diesels, 12,400 shp, 2 shafts
  • Speed: 24 kn (44 km/h)
  • Range: 7,500 nmi (13,900 km) at 16 kn (30 km/h)
  • Complement: 235

Sensors and processing systems

  • Type 965 AKE-2 Air Searcg Radar
  • Type 993n Target indication Radar
  • Type 986 Aircraft Direction Radar
  • Type 278 Height Finding Radar
  • Type 978 Navigation Radar
  • Type 285 fire control radar on director Mark 6M
  • Type 1010 Cossor Mark 10 IFF
  • Type 174 search sonar
  • Type 170 attack sonar


  • 1 × twin 4.5 in gun Mark 6
  • 1 × Sea Cat GWS-20 SAM
  • 1 × Squid A/S mortar

Place in Game


Personally I feel one of these ships would be a good addition to the current top tier coastal for Britian, most likely coming after the Type 41 frigate, HMS Leopard already in game, In terms of BR i would say probably around 4.0/4.3 given the Early Seacats are considerably worse than Bravys SAMs at a range of just 5-7km and a top speed of Mach 0.9, coupled with the rather lackluster amount of other weapons on board meaning it will struggle to deal with any surface targets larger than destroyers.



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Salisbury Class


Now that naval SAMs are making their way into the game, this makes sense as a good first step for the UK tree. +1

Of course +1 if the ship is equipped with Seacat ))
Britain needs to enter the age of the missile

I wanna see sea cats flying. So, yes