Type 16(FPS) currently has serious problems

It’s difficult to express because I don’t know English well, but the current Type 16 (FPS) has a serious problem.

If you look at the attached video, the shell was fired first, but due to the M735 hopelessly low penetration power, it often loses even after attacking first.
That too!! The opponent is also a light tank like me!!
I can’t stop being angry, and I’m leaving this post in English, which I’m not good at, in the hope that the War Thunder development team will improve this shitty situation as soon as possible.


It’s currently not worth using M735 in any capacity until it is fixed. If the FPS has access to HEATFS, it is better to bring that. Otherwise, it is best to just shelve the vehicle until it’s fixed.

I agree that M735 isn’t a great round, but you can work around it for sure.
TAM 2IP has 3 crew members + 29 rounds of first ammo stowage in the turret, meaning you should aim for the turret first in most cases, since there are the things you want to disable the most.
EDIT: At the time of your shot, instead of going for the hull, you could’ve simply aimed to the turret and breech + gunner (and/or commander) would be disabled, from there it’s should be an easy cleanup, if he had all four crew members to begin with.

One of the worst advices I’ve seen in a long, long time lmao.

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Shooting the TAM 2IP turret with the m735 does not penetrate it. Please try it and say something like that!

I’ve been playing with M735 while spading M1 Abrams and also with another weak round, XM578E1 fired from XM-803 (which is even worse than M735) and I’m sure both of those can deal with 2IPs easily, since I’ve gone for their turrets almost exclusively.

I think when you used the m735 it was before the patch nerf. If it were at this point it wouldn’t penetrate or the modul wouldn’t be disabled if it did.

I did it after the patch and XM-803’s round is unchanged for who knows how long.

To be fair, the TAM IP can have a pretty whacky damage model, I’ve seen it eat quite a few things that it shouldn’t have.

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one thing is for sure Type 16 (FPS) is very very difficult to use with the m735.


TAM2IP has special extra armor all over it, what you posted was that armor actually working. It’s only supposed to be effective against explosive and low caliber shells but you know how damage “works” in the game

The problem I want to talk about is not unique to TAM 2IP. The problem is the Type 16 (FPS) with M735.
don’t cloud the issues

Luckily its just the Type 16 FPS and Type 16 (P) suffering from this and not the rest, they have Type 93 APFSDS round which it saved them. Still sucks this happen though. So why they at 9.3 without access to Type 93 APFSDS round??? Shouldn’t they have access to Type 93 Round due to the year these tanks were made? They were 8.7 Br so wasn’t that big of an issue, probably for balance with M735, but now its 9.3 Br and became a bigger issue.


That’s exactly I was trying to say.

It is absolutely not, HEATFS currently have even worse damage

In modern warfare, HEATFS is meaningless because Most vehicles has high chemical protection.
so APFSDS is used.

Give type 16 (fps) type 93 shells and increase its rate to 9.7 and make it one rank higher.

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Nah, M735 is not that good, but I am 100% certain that it is a better option than HEAT-FS any day of the week. At worst you will have to shoot at gun breeches and barrels, but if you utilize the mobility and insanely good optics for the BR well you can still perform well even with its very weak shell