Type 16 (FPS) and Type 16 (P) Unbalanced

The BR of the Type 16 (FPS) and Type 16 (P) is completely wrong, considering that both play on 10.0 / 10.3 frequently, their main ammunition, the M735, does not penetrate 80% of the tanks of this BR, and for the most part Sometimes they die with just 1 shot. My suggestion to balance these tanks is to add Type 93 ammunition to both tanks, and nerf the BR 10.3, 10.0 or 9.7.

Or they could revert those M735 changes that were made from incorrect bug report. Before those changes those tanks were fine.


İ believe they stated that current changes are actually correct and they have no intention to revert it.

Personally i would like to see Type-93 shell on FPS considering its basically regular Type-16 with camo net.

Ive found M735 fine even post nerf to be honest. Its not as bad as I was expecting.

Its still idiotic, “lets change the entire method of how penetration is calculated, except just for this one single round”.

But eh, I’d rather they didnt go to 9.7 anyway. You can make a better lineup at 9.3