Type 16 (FPS) and Type 16 (P) Battle rating

Considering the recent nerf of M735 round and it’s outright awful damage/penetration values, I am sure that Type 16 (P)/FPS should not be at the same battle rating as the already slightly under-performing Centauro B1. Most of the maps in current War Thunder mappool are not made for flanking, thus, most of the enemies Type 16 faces, it faces them upfront. The speed of Type 16 is also handicapped by stabilization limitations which become apparent at roughly 75kmph/45mph, where the stab simply refuses to work.

Do you think Type 16 P/FPS should be lowered in br?

  • Yes, these should be at 9.0
  • Yes, these should be at 8.7
  • No, these should stay at 9.3
  • No, these should go up to 9.7

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Seems crazy they just nerfed a ton of vehicles with the M735 nerf based on who knows what, Japan as always is overtiered, the premium type 74 could also easily be 9.0, but not only do force you to grind through a bunch of copy paste Type 74s with pointless differences, the only one with thermals is made a premium and it’s offset in BR.

The Japan hate boner Gaijin has is always weird.


Welp, could’ve at least made buying your way to toptier with the FPS worth it.

They just want you to stop playing Japan.

I’d consider the FPS on par with the Xm-1, one shouldn’t go down without the other going down aswell.

It also should not be below 9.0 due to its speed and thermals. Even it being 9.0 is debatable considering the M735 nerf too.

I don’t see thermals benefit enough to make it a reason to raise some vehicle’s br. There might be matches where I won’t use it at all.

XM-1 is a lot more mobile, wheeled vehicles get screwed a lot because Gaijin can only make them work by giving them zero torque, faster turret rotation, more armor, more depression.

The solution is simple; Give it the Type 93 shell that the TT Type 16 has.


Just give the FPS a proper shell while lowering P’s battle rating. It’s been two major updates released since I don’t believe Gaijin even cares about correcting their numerous mistakes, too busy paying third-parties to model another useless premium.

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eh, I think the P/FPS are ok at 9.3.

I dont think the regular Type 16 should be 9.7 though, especially because its a hanger decoration with no lineup at that BR.

but it can’t be the same BR with a better round so i dunno.

I also kinda think that with gen 3 thermals 9.0 may be a bit low, M735 still feels perfectly usable at that BR for me despite the nerf. (that said I think Type 93 shell at 9.3 would be fine tbh)