Twin Engine Helicopters

Correct me if I’m wrong but some helicopters in the game have a twin engine setup, the whole point being if one engine is damaged or dead, the helicopter can still at least slowly descend if not maintain altitude. Of course im not expecting them to be maneuverable with one engine out. But for example the Mi-24A, I have had two games at this point where i take a bullet to the engine and the engine goes orange and I immediately start descending and crash, without even having enough time to deploy landing gear. No oil leaks. No other damage, Just an orange engine and the helicopter falls out of the sky. Helicopters are already enough of a Pain to level but it feels like flying a paper plane, one round and youre unable to RTB. And yet somehow I have survived IR missiles in the Mi-4AV and was able to RTB (only happened once).


I don’t know any performance specs for specific helis, but it feels like most of them are underpowered in game.

Yes, 2 engines for redundancy is definitely part of it, but I suppose it would depend on the design. Part of it could be that 2 engines were necessary for early helis by design, helis have to be fairly symmetrical and it might not be possible to stuff one big engine under the prop too.


Also, they measure turbine power in KGF instead of horsepower, which just seems kinda wrong to me

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That needs to be fix asap.

Most twin engine helicopters designed to be operate with one engine or at least return to base safely.

For example Apache and Tiger series can operate while having only one engine return to base without issue but in this game loosing one engine=death


Of the few times I lost an engine but not the transmission, getting back to base was done.
Losing the transmission tho led to death.
You can simulate lost engine with MEC.

Are you sure? The only option I see under full real or the multifuntion window is engine off, no MEC like you would with planes



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Sadly what you experienced is nothing but a rng situation.

Same think happened to me before, i lost my engine while i was using my Tiger HAD and managed to return to base although it was really painful cause my helicopter was barely flying while not having any issue other than engine fail, same thing happened while i was using my G-LYNX,KA-50 and MI-28A as well.

On the other hand %95 times you will crash into ground rather you have transmission damage or not.

Must’ve been a bug that you could use aircraft controls with helicopters.

yeah, helis really lack in terms of fidelity, just a point and click adventure game

Rather have that than the nonsense that are the Ka’s

Well, KAs shouldn’t be able to fly after having their entire tail fall off. Not because of no rudder control, but because the heli’s center of mass would shift forward dramatically, causing a likely uncontrollable nosedive

They barely fly in good condition with the notorious vibration issue they have, but Gaijin wants us to believe that not only are they the ultimate weapon of war, they put a tail on the thing purely for the fun of it and it serves no purpose at all.

A blast powerful enough to blow the entire tail off would surely damage the rest of the helicopter as well, but helicopter models are way too basic that they just have APFSDS shred through the whole thing without issue because there is nothing to damage, no armor best armor but worse.

Guess airplanes also don’t need tails since there is no rotor in there, if we go by the logic of so many people that think the Ka’s would be fine because it has the double rotor, apparently it completely defies the laws of physics because of it.

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On a totally unrelated note, does the Russian military allow female helicopter pilots?


Horsepower doesn’t matter in a helicopter, only thrust. They show the thrust.

Every single time I’ve ever lost an engine in a helicopter, the 2nd one has never been enough to even safely land directly below where I’m at. The helicopter falls at 20 m/s.

You also cannot test anything at least regarding AH-64 or Mi-24 in test flight. You cannot manually turn off 1 engine.

But doesn’t the rotor produce thrust? If it were acting like a jet I would get it, but the rotors use the turbine’s torque + rpm to produce thrust.

Pretty sure he means that in the game, one engine being damaged or out leaves you with a lack of power to even land your helicopter, vs in real life twin engine helicopters perform much differently, albeit I’m sure many of the vehicles do. It’s just annoying to try and level a helicopter to get ATGM’s when you’re stuck using dumb fire rockets so you have to get close to be accurate but if you get within 2km of the battlefield you’re easily shredded out of the sky by machinegun fire or a begleitpanzer or something along those lines. Main way I level my helicopters at this point is to just go hover above the enemy heli base since the AA does no damage and wait for someone to spawn and then light em up.

Yes the engines produce the power and the rotors produce the thrust but for example with one engine out in the Mi-24A you don’t have enough power remaining to even land the helicopter

It wouldn’t surprise me if gaijin modeled each engine as producing X lift thrust, so losing 1 engine means losing half your total lifting force instead of accounting for all of the rotor things

I mean they model fuel consumption literally just by how much horsepower or thrust you’re getting in planes, so yeah wouldn’t surprise me if the rotor on helis was cosmetic and not accounted for entirely.