Turkish Tech Tree

We want the **TURKISH TECH TREE ** in Warthunder

-new Players
-new Vehicles
-would help a Little for the economy

-I don‘t have any cons:)

Its a suggest of the whole Warthunder-Türkiye-Community.


I thought Turkey buys all their vehicles from other countries?

They are building their own attacker/light fighter now but it’s not yet in service.
OP isn’t very convincing though. Best use Turkey as a source for event/squad/premium vehicles to other nations or out in some joint tech tree for multiple nations like left over NATO countries or something (i am also from a left over NATO country).

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Yes, also a tank for more than 20 years… Altay was his name?
Sorry for the Turks but those designs smell the same as the Russian su-75 checkmate type designs, a project is presented, a model and then they only seek financing because they have nothing.
As for having a tech tree, I honestly don’t care, I just hope they don’t do it like they did with Israel, I’ve played the m48/m60 so much that now I gag.

Would be great as a subnation to be added to one of the other minor nations, but not as its own independant tree

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Even if it does as advertised, a multi role subsonic light attack aircraft? Too small to compete with even early 4th gen.
But nice for their own market and use cases I suppose. I’m sure fans of the TAF would love to see it in WT.

Yeah that would work.

Definitely not, we have a very large defense industry which is competing with many European ones.

Here is our much more advanced and detailed suggestion, feel free to take a look and express your opinions

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