Trees in war thunder

i’m just gonna leave this here



Yes, trees not looking good. When there is 0 wind trees still like in storm


Wasn’t that patched today?

It looks stange. Maybe its better on bad weather maps. But usually the map is sunshine + warm weather…but the trees zapping around like like its a Thunderstorm. Best would be to have an option to switch it off. These moving trees are distracting and look strange at best.


dont think so it stil looks like the gif

For me, in the hangar there’ll be like 5 trees flapping about like OP gif, a few others slightly moving, and the other hundred other trees around the place not moving at all.

Extremely localised weather patterns

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Now we just need aurora borealis in open top tanks n we get the Simpsons meme

“Trees OP, please nerf” is literally the first meme about the game I ever saw when I started over 9-1/2 years ago . . . I still stay as far away from them as possible every chance I get . . . lol. At least flying Air AB most of the time . . . I can’t really see the trees move, and if I can . . I’m WAAAAAY too close . . . lol

the lighting effects also seem kind of broken ther is a box of light around the tanks


The flapping trees on every map are irritating me so much, i stopped playing. Havent touched the game for a few days. Weather conditions that make a tree move like that are maybe a few days in a year on almost all of the maps, this is ridiculous.


yes. just started the game after i read that they fixed the trees… they didnt.
Map was Huertgenwald. I exited the Map and the Game after 20 seconds, it is unbearable ( at least for me ).


And now they are even worse. They don’t blow over, they just shake. lol.


They patched something today but it wasn’t the trees. This bug got me killed twice on Ash River this morning because you can’t see crap thru the trees and bushes while they are waving around. Not going to play ground again until they get it fixed.

The motion doesn’t even look realistic any more. Each branch twitches independent of the others. Someone adjusted the wrong variable or slider and didn’t bother to test it…


I have to wonder why they even did this… like the old motions where fine, and it is not like they changed the models fixing some bugs and improving it. They literally wasted their time adding an unaskedfor feature to the same old buggy foliage.
Trees and bushes respawn even more oftern now, it looks like absolute ass (like it does in most games) and worst of all it negatively affects gameplay, as you can not see shit anymore while the enemy can see you fine because for them the trees and bushes are still standing still


Hurricane level winds yet rubble and dust are unaffected. COMPETENCE!


Totally. The trees blowing is too excessive and off putting. I don’t even want to play Ground Battles it looks so tacky and stupid.

Tree’s are static until zoomed in. Then its a gale force hurricane downrange.

Looks so dumb. Sure the maps feel alive… but so are trees after you run them over.

Give us a slider or some option to turn them off. Please.


Thats the thing… If you’re gonna implement wind do it on everything. Artillery, Smoke Shells, Vehicle explosions, Clouds, Dust…

Not just these dumb trees. They were perfectly fine as static objects.


these fluttering trees are a mockery of warthunder,
half the gaming world is laughing at it !!!
Remove it or fix it asap