Trees in war thunder

Especially when everything else is unaffected and just the trees are as spasmic. And just the ones close to you. So the whole map looks like windstill, just the two trees next to you jerking around.

Remove the whole thing, please.

They dont want the players to hide behind trees. In fact, they dont want players to hide at all. That is what all the recent map changes are for too, to take away hiding spots.

you cant see crap now when you are in a bunch of trees, but the enemy can see you because for them, from the distance, the trees are standing still.
They basically shag the snipers up the bum with a baseball bat with this update, if they dont go knife fight with a Dicker Max.


It just looks ridiculous. Turn this shaking down to 30% at minimum.
Gonna stop playing Ground until this has been fixed.
Also this brigth green bushes are now to comic-like. To much contrast to a dusty enviroment.

It’s still crap. And now the lighting effects are starting to be really weird. Just had a sky like night but with bright ground lighting. Very, very difficult.

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Working 48hrs and this “fix” hasn’t even been rolled back much less fixed. I guess the Dev’s took the weekend off, or they are milking the memes.

Complete trash of a change. Just play your game for once to see the result of the changes you make. Stop destroying this game, revert it or at least give the option to disable it.

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You’re quite right in this respect…

I used to watch the sky for the dark spots for planes, then they added in the leaves and debris that blows in the wind. Then I was watching through the trees for the movement of tanks through them, and they did this.

It’s awesome :D

Pretty sure it’ll be toned down a bit to make it more realistic and less GPU intensive.

APPARENTLY DLSS being toggled on or off or something can make it a little more bareable… I’ve seen a few people mentioning that being able to fix their FPS issues.

It’s way more realistic without it unless you’ve never seen a real tree before. This looks like something taking out of The Exorcist.

I don’t have DLSS, I don’t have FPS issues, it just looks ridiculous and bad.

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Again, it’ll likely be toned down, as this is the first implementation of it.

I hope they add more than the like 10 frames the animation has. It would probably fix a lot of the complaints if it was not so choppy.

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Leaving aside the wind for the moment, has anyone else seen trees with strange hues? On Alaska, I have seen highly saturated purple and copper-red, and on the new test track thing, bright neon green. It’s really quite startling. I haven’t changed anything on my graphics, so I am wondering what the cause might be. Any ideas?


I’d verify your files and check your video drivers for that.

Some have mentioned ‘Dynamic LUT’ and that seems to change some hazey look on your graphics, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

Mainly sounds like a file issue, so try that if you haven’t already.

yes the neon green ones and when you come closer to them they change color it sort of like the weerd box that is around your tank when its a darker map

It should be removed.

  1. We do not need it. It adds nothing to the game in terms of gameplay or graphic fidelity.
    2 It actively subtracs from the gameplay
    3 it makes cheats, ULQ and similar options more viable as the trees moving vs not moving makes a huge difference in game balance.
    4 It costs FPS

As mentioned above. No it would fix none of my complains… Looks are absolutely uninportant. This change makes the gameplay worse. there is no way to salvage it.

It adds to it in my eyes… Much the same as the debris that floats around when you’re looking skyward in an SPAA…

The movement makes it so that people actually have to look about for targets rather than sitting with thier guns lined up to a point, watching for mere movement to click the mouse.


That’s quite ignorant to be real, demanding removal because you can’t see any reason for it other than your own…

So in what way did the old movement not already do that? Sorry but in reality 99.99% of the time bushes will be absolutely still with nothing more than 1 or two leaves moving. So the old system was already simulating strong winds

No it is not. Not a single person could provide a reason for the existance of these new animations. You also provided none.

Old movement? There was none…

That’s what made it easy to see someone going through the trees because the change was even there…

I provided one directly… I’m also not the one calling for removal of something that’s just been added because I can’t handle it…