Totally unfair scoring?

I notice that even though the objective is to kill enemy targets, so many people that play just want kills. Now, I know that killing planes can reduce your own team’s target destruction, I often find myself with a vast majority of the work destroying the enemy targets. But all too often I am way down on the list and I am the one who literally won for the whole team.

Does anyone else think the scoring is screwy here? Shouldn’t killing targets count for more than air kills? Take a look at the following score sheets.

Killing AI targets is easier than killing real players so scoring is ok.

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I once got 10k mission points for single-handedly destroying all four bases and then the airfield with Pe-2, was at 8km altitude and nobody bothers to climb so they leave me all alone to drop bombs and rearm above their base lol.

Most AI vehicles don’t fight back, so no.

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That is your mistake. Air kills are also an objective of the game and they also bleed tickets required for the win, and without those air kills many of those enemy planes would be trying to stop you from getting the AI ground targets. It’s very rare that a single player can with the match for their own team, it’s usually the top 3–5 players en each team that achieve this.

Probably the base bombing is still very well rewarded compared to air kills, killing 7 enemy planes are worth less than 1.84 tons of TNT and you can do that with a 1-2 bomb load drops.

Should killing almost still AI targets that don’t fight back be worth more than killing player controlled planes that can defend themselves? What do you think?

Is it not the case in Frontline that removal of all/x amount of specific AI results in a win? It used to a long time back, but regarding Frontline only.

For Groundstrike Maps this is/was not the case of course (examples given above).

I’m not sure if you quoted the wrong part of what I said above but if you kill all player controlled planes you also win the match. If you are refering to win a match faster, there are ways to win faster than to kill all the planes but it doesn’t mean that air kills should be considered less valuable than AI kills.

I was just referring to the slightly different versions of Frontline Assault.

You in theory are going to struggle to clear an entire team before clearing those particular Frontline AI, and I was unsure if they still exist or work as they once did.

Not countering your own post.

That’s exactly what I just said, there are faster ways to win than to kill all the enemy planes. Doesn’t mean than an AI ground kill should be worth more than killing a player controlled vehicle. Killing enough AI ground targets is the fastest way to win a match in Air Arcade.

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Ha, sorry, yes, I am in agreement that the score/SL/RP given makes sense.

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But when they do, they one round pilot snipe…