Tornado slow

The Tornado seems to be underperforming like crazy. I cant get above like mach 1.1, I’ve even had F-5s do 180s and catch me quickly while I was at “max” speed. Why?

This was discussed a bit over in the main Tornado Thread:

I think there is some minor issue with the acceleration hitting a bit of a brick wall when nearing “max” speed, which it shouldnt, but not sure about that and I think they do hit their “accurate” top speed currently. But also that the Tornados only have reheat and not combat thrust, which would give them even greater acceleration. Now, no aircraft in game has true combat thrust, but that does sometimes impact in game vs IRL interviews.

Torandos are also a major WIP, with inaccurate flight model and placeholder code galore. Not too mention they are missing 95% of their CMs among other things.

Though its also worth mentioning that F5s are kinda broken at the moment, they probably need a total FM overhaul and their engines run way too cold, but they make Gaijin a load of money, so probably a low priority for them