Tornado IDS WTD 61

Anyone have a strats for this thing?

After maxing US air and getting the 39C (UK) I can honestly say that I have not had fun with this plane so far.

Payload I feel is mundane (not used to bomb running), maybe it would have been better with rockets. But generally being uptiered everything else gets to a base / bomb target first and the lack of air defensive + handling having a real hard time fighting so struggle figuring what to do with it.

Advice would be welcome.

I’d recommend getting into Air SIM. It’s the best place for it currently. But yeah, tornados are kinda lacking in ARB currently.

Hoping that gets partially fixed in June with the addition of split CMs and the Tornados can get their missing 1200 chaff. Among other outstanding buffs the aircraft needs

Only thing I can suggest at the moment for ARB, is if you are uptiered, to side skirt and try and wait for base respawns. Only real option.

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Ye think I am gonna go risk being a team kill target in sim XD


Just need to watch out for the mig-23MLs. But yeah, should be fine on that front, Normal tactics of terrain masking also work well against your teammates (usually) did get TKed by an F-14 this evening in the Torando Gr1. So not always immune.

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Best strat is to try and get a refund, lol

It’s a serious contender for the worst plane in the game.

But if you have to use it then I would forget trying to bomb bases it’s too slow. Just take the AIM-9Ls and use it as a fighter. That’s how I spaded the Tornado MFG


F5C, F4 and F16A that gets me, M23 I am sued to dealing with.

Speak of experience that is not gonna happen. Only prem I bought with cash is the US AH64 and well, I still have it (sadly).