Tornado IDS and ASSTA are useless at their BR Ground and Air RB

Its just not possible to bomb a base before other jets do. Like F-16, Kfirs and many others snatch all bases, before your Tornado even comes close. Or the F-111, which sits at the same BR with far more bombload and more speed. Tornados are just far too slow for this league. Whats the point of this 11.0 BR? Air to Air wise …well lets just not talk about this. It should be at least possible to reach a base to bomb it, not always just watching how team mates in F-16 etc. kill off everything themselves.

In Ground RB Pantsir and others kill you easily…this laser guided bomb is almost impossible to use at this BR. You get shot down, shot down, shot down…these bombs are usefull around BR 10.0 and nothing else. For 11.0++ Tornados would need standoff weapons like Mavericks to be competitive.

Such a stupid plane. Why is it 11.0? Bases do not respawn…you end match after match after match with no income.

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I’ll be an ass for suggesting this but remove the ability for non strike aircraft to see or CCRP “lock” enemy mini-bases on the map in ARB. Now only strike aircraft can identify them at the start of matches. RNG the base locations every match. GG zomber phantoms

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Not an entirely bad idea. Or they just need add more base targets, even just make the enemy AF into a target like ASB

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Fly at 15-20k ft. Nothing will hit you. Just Lase the target and drop, keeping your Tpod on the target. Easy 4x Kills.

Maybe not ground, maybe. But you are going to be hunted by spams of f-16Cs with AIM9Ms and Gripens, while you can be outturned by a IL-28. Tornado need the new division in BRs ASAP.

Those are 12.7s. The Tornados are 11.3. So that is not actually all that surprising. Under normal circumstance. It would never ever see those aircraft.

The issue with flying so high is you start getting render distance issues with the targeting pods. Tanks on the ground start doing wacky things when you are that high.

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I’ve personally never had that issue. and thats with the Gen 1 TIALD on the Gr1. Unless the Gen 2 on the German and Italian Tornados is worse

It happens to me in helicopters when I’m 5km away and when I’m in my AMX 8km above the battlefield.

Also a few times tanks will go into the ground.

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Was it not letting you lock onto that target?

You’re not able to with the pod the AMX has.

Ah… Fair enough on that (I thought all Tpods could lock on) , though the rest of that clip looked perfectly normal to me

Its at the end where the tank just jumped back. I will try to get better clips to show it clearly.

That sounds more like a Latency issue than a Tpod issue to me

The thing is that I have pretty great internet so I rarely have issues but I have been having issues with bombing from that height. Sometimes it shows tanks moving without the tanks themselves moving like the tracks rolling and such.

Wierd. Not something I have yet to encounter, or at least something Ive needed to worry about with TIALD that can lock on, I can see that being an issue with the AMX pod that cant

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11.3 ground for Germany is 11.7 because of the Eurotruck. 11.7 is always a uptier.

Yeah, but that is more the fact that gaijin refuses to decompress ground. In theory it should be 11.0-11.7 planes supporting 11.0-11.7 tanks and 12-12.7 planes supporting 12-12.7 tanks. Unfortunately, they just havent done that. I would like them impose like 2x or 3x SP multiplier to aircraft over about 12/12.3

That’s a good idea, someone can hop on a full load f-16c with a cap and a kill or even easier, a cap and a spot assist. It’s dumb

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