Tornado IDS and ASSTA are useless at their BR Ground and Air RB

Totally on board with that. A step in-between could be having the forward airfields as targatable once the mini-bases are destroyed and the affect will be the same as ASB. Now slower aircraft could have some greater guaranteed RP/SL at the risk of being deeper behind enemy lines

Yep, there is a lot they could do for ARB or RB players at least and add something like an RB EC gamemode. But they just wont. Which then forces these CAS players into GRB and then the tankers get mad.

IDS ASSTA is servicable CAS for ground RB…in uncontested airspace.

Laser guided bombs are not that much of an issue IMO.

Issue i have with tornado is its flight model.

Engines sip fuel like i sip energy drinks on friday night, so you need to take larger fuel loads to have any loiter time whatsoever. Pod, bombs, flare pods, two limas for self defense…at all adds up and turns tornado info flying brick.

Especially high alt bomb runs, since it takes forever for bomb to reach the target, im usually whole continent away once bomb hits and i can begin another run - which requires turning and thats where its flight performance comes in.

In contested airspace its much harder to dodge sams with tornado than it is with F-16C for example.

But i really dont see solution to this problem.

Ahistorical loadouts are cringe, and moving tornado down in BR wouldnt solve anything. There are no 10.7 or 11.0 german lineups, meaning you would have to either uptier 10.3 lineup (and good luck fighting T-90M and BVMs with 2A4) or bring tornado down to 10.3 which would be broken af.

Lets just wait for eurofighter and hope for the best.

Ah, iirc this was a problem that’s been an issue since… Hellfire/Apache got released together. After a certain distance, about 8000m or so, the server just stops updating the tank’s position as regularly… which would be sensible except when you’re trying to use standoff weapons that need an exact target…

I haven’t seen evidence of it recently but then again I haven’t played anything that might have that problem recently (only really my Jag GR.1A is gonna have that issue)

İ personally disagree, Pantsir can easily engage and kill you at those altitudes, i prefer to identify enemy Spaa’s, dive,find a good position to engage with them and drop some Gbus on last seconds on them. İf terrain allows you to do this then you’ll be fine most of the time.

After Spaa threat has been eliminated i just simply climb to 4-5k altitude and drop rest of my Gbu’s on enemy tanks.

Tbh i like German Tornado especially after targeting pod resolution is fixed not to mention unlockable Grey camouflage looks amazing on that plane, guess i have special place for Tornado in my heart.