Tornado F3 Late BR Change suggestion


The Tornado F3 Late currently sits at a BR of 12.7 in the British air Tech tree, it can carry 4 aim-9L/Ms and 4 Aim-120s/Skyflash SuperTemps, Which all sounds good and fair for its Battle Rating, however with there only being a limited number of 12.7 aircraft left after the update adding Fox 3s to other pre-existing aircraft in the game, it constantly gets up tiered, and I myself am yet to see a downtier. The Airframe is the exact same as its 11.3 counterpart, which can just about handle itself at that BR, so having an 11.3 worthy airframe up at 12.7, its almost impossible to work the aircraft to the needs of 13.0, Trying to avoid incoming aircraft and missiles seems unthinkable as it cannot turn, and when flying low enough to dodge SARH and ARH missles, there is a guaranteed chance of hitting a tree thats taller than the rest or hitting an upcoming rise in the terrain as its unable to pull up hard enough to avoid becoming a crater. I cannot find a reason for it to be 12.7 over being 12.3 where it might have a better survival chance and be slightly more useable, as it can still go to 13.0, while remaining in a BR bracket that holds AIM-9Ms and Amraams/Fox 3s (AV-8B+, Sea Harrier FA.2 and the J-8F) While making the stock grind for those fortunate enough not to be playing the aircraft at the moment alot easier as they may be able to get down tiers that allow them to effectively work the aircraft and get a sufficient amount of research towards modifications to improve the experience of the aircraft.


Forgot to mention it stock comes with 2 AIM-9Ls and 32 Countermeasures.


Subsonic jets with thermal signature of F-14…

and the J8F?
and the Tornado gives off just as much heat, so with 32 countermeasures stock, that wont flare an AIM-9L.