Tornado F.3 Late should've get AIM-9M x2 as stock

On this flopped “Seek & Destroy” update, despite having a serious balancing problem for historical and unhistorical reasons.

For now, I want to talk about Stock heat-seeking missiles for Top-rank Jets.

Eastern MiG-29/Su-27 has two R-73s with IRCCM as a stock missile.
French Mirage 4000 and 2000-5F also have two R.550 Magic-2 with IRCCM as stock missiles.

F-15C, F-16C, and Gripen didn’t have any IRCCM capable missiles, only AIM-9L as stock missiles but received their own AIM-9M as a stock missile on the recent update.

Our beloved old-guard F-4F KWS LV aka ‘F-4F ICE’ or ‘Frozen Phantom’ had a serious problem at the dev server but thanks to these reports from users, they got their European version AIM-9L/I IRCCM missile as both stock and upgraded loadout when updates shows up to live server.

Then, What about Tornados?
While everyone else got their own IRCCM missiles as stock, Tornado F.3 Late got neglected pretty much.
Her fuselage was quite underperforming even though she was on 11.3BR, then went all the way up to 12.7BR cause she got brand new AIM-120B ARH missiles on her fully upgraded loadout.
Radar’s name has changed from Foxhunter 2G to Foxhunter 3G but not much of things changed on spec. it only got a new name.

Climbing up the stock grind with two AIM-9L without any anti-ground payloads with the underperforming fuselage is brutal for players even when she was on the dev server. and nothing has changed till the release update on the live server comes out.

Dear gaijin. please, please give Bri’ish some love.
I know you guys hate British that you didn’t decrease the BR of the IDS variant Tornado cause of the silly ‘effectiveness’ that MiG-27K had completely escaped.

But please give mercy to these pitiful British players. Tornado F.3 Late was completely unable to play on the dev server, and it might be the same on the live server.

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