Torn between Thunderbolt Mk.1 vs T14 as BP Vendor reward

Hello everyone, since I am not going full throttle in this BP, I can buy only one of these vehicles from Warbond Shop. For both vehicles, all the relevant trees are unlocked. I only have to select one of them based on the fun factor. T14 seems to be mini Maus while I enjoy P47 playstyle and premium version of it is more than welcome.

I would like your opinion on which one to play. I play both GRB and ARB so the decision is based on fun/money maker factor purely.

Get the T14.
The p47 is crap.
T14 also makes good sl.

The T14 is the best 4.7 tank in the game and the P-47 is bad.

Get the T14!!! It is so good. P47 isn’t even for American so it doesn’t give true freedom vibes.😂

Thanks everyone in the thread. I have no doubt about buying the T14.