Top tier matchmaker

The top tier matchmaker needs to change, especially if we’re seeing Eagles coming soon with 3 different nations that all face each other.

Ideally, as early as Rank 6 should be NATO vs Warsaw Pact. The biggest issues are Germany and China, but Germany is predominantly Russian aircraft so I’d toss them on Warsaw Pact, I’d also probably toss China on the Warsaw Pact side as well since most of the popular Chinese jets are, well, Chinese, not Western. It’s getting to a point where every match feels like a mixed battle match, and it’s also really hard to find matches with my friend who mains US while I have the F-16AJ. I personally think that F-16s should all be on one team, it’ll help both IFF and balance I think, especially with Flankers coming soon with 6 R-27s and 4 R-73s. Sweden historically has also leaned more towards NATO rather than the Warsaw Pact, especially with the Viggen (attempted) and Gripen being put on the international market.


Unfortunately gaijin stopped caring about us who care about immersion or the “feeling” of the game long ago. It’s all about young kids buying premiums now.


The ability to create certain nation matches is already restricted from what we had before; the US/JP vs RU/CH preset is pretty much closest to ‘realistic’. Be the change you want to see and make rooms with it.

There’s a preset that won’t have Eagles facing each other though, JP/US/IS/IT/GB vs RU/CH/DE/FR/SW, and I see it regularly.

Being able to put France, Sweden and Germany on the Redfor side goes a long way towards allowing teams to even out and preventing games from becoming 16vs3 stompfests. The US playerbase is so wide that anyone leaving the match is immediately replaced, which can’t be said for Russia and China by themselves.

My suggestion might be silly, but it might work (just for top tier):

If the aircraft is F16, tornado, harrier, F14, F4, or now F15, put the corresponding country one side
And put the rest (MIG, SU-27 etc) of the corresponding country other side.

It is really annoying, to try figuring if the f16 that you saw from your cockpit (or at RWR) enemy or friendly) in close range combat. Especially considering the fact that we have no radio communication (just quick voice massages)

Ten years this type of post is on the forum & nothing is done. The new forum is good for Gaijin, it wipe thousands of prosposal and topics about it & hide the fact gaijin don’t to do anything about sim.

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