Top tier jet battles need to have less players in each match

16v16 is way too many players. We had this problem back before it was increased from 12v12 to 16v16.

High tier prop matches have been 6v6 for a while now, so this isn’t exactly unprecedented. And unlike props, Jets would actually benefit greatly from smaller matches.

Lots of WT players think jets need larger maps because they travel so much faster than props, but that’s not really the case. Sabers and Migs did fine on prop sized maps like Korea. The real reason is that the engagement range of high tier missile carrying jets is so much higher.

In top tier, you can easily be killed from 4-5km away with an IR missile that will give you no warning its coming, and from many more KMs away by a radar missile. Multiply this by 16, and the situation quickly becomes untenable. The problem with top tier is player density.

6v6 has been done before in WT, and I see no reason why it can’t work in Top Tier. 8v8 would work, 10v10 would be pushing it.

Perhaps in smaller maps, like City and Small Spain, its 6v6, then on super large maps like Rocky Canyon it’s 10v10, and the other maps that are more medium sized are 8v8.

Please change this soon Gaijin, Top tier is borderline unplayable at the moment.


And deprive the whales the big chunky rewards for a half dozen kills per game? Can’t do that. They might stop paying.

This isn’t just a top tier issue, 16v16 makes for horrible gameplay above 7.0.

You can’t fight effectively when you go for one player, but then 5 more are on your tail. It’s too cluttered to enjoy.

It just decreases the quality of the experience and should be fully removed from rank V+ matchmaking.


8v8 would be good at any BR where enemies are a thread when they are within about 4-5 kms.

At lower tiers, like in a BR3 Spit, an enemy aircraft 3kms away is not necessarily a concern, I keep an eye on it, but I can ignore it for the most part. At mid tier, something within 5kms could be a threat very quickly. At top tier, something on the map is a threat.

So yeah, reducing the density would be great. Could be done other ways, like bigger maps and having multiple starting AFs. but without that, reducing team size would work well.

Single top tier games screenshot from good old days.

At that time, there were no missiles in the game, so almost all players kept up their speed, and while furballs were not completely absent, it was a bit unusual to see them compared to the current Jet RB games.

Whatever, 16v16 should gone from the game above 7.0BR and higher BR.

That guy in the Mig-15 ruined that screenshot :P

and imagine enemy team is full of CL-13 or German MiG-15bis.

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That would be a good reason to bring back RB EC for top tier jets.

I have seen a smaller version of Golan Heights in rotation for mid-tier jets up to the F-100D. Spain, I think, is the largest they should see.

Yeah RB EC would be a great addition as well.