Top tier balance


Hi all.
Do you find it ridiculous what is happening at the top tier ranks in the EC?
Rooms: 4 versus 0, 8 versus 2, 11 versus 3, and things like that.
All that remains is for everyone to take the F-16 and play only F-16 against F-16.
American fans, please answer: are you interested in playing 4 vs 0? Or maybe 11 vs 3 is a good fight? Yesterday I saw (!) 17 against 4 (I have no idea how 17 could have ended up there, but it was written that way).
I don’t know what exactly, but something is definitely wrong and something needs to be done about it.


It’s the unfortunate reality of red team being at a severe disadvantage in SB top tier right now.

This is due to a number of factors, which together brew up a perfect storm:

  • Blue team is significantly better off with much greater radars and RWR’s for situational awareness which is crucial for sim

  • Blue side have the better flight models and the better missile for sim (being the invisible IRCCM 9M)

  • Blue side likely takes up a big portion of the player-base. I don’t have the exact numbers but USA is a very popular nation and there’s simply far more players of that nation.

  • The one “Equaliser”, being radar missiles which would provide standoff capabilities to both sides are rendered completely useless to anyone who flies low. This means you could be flying your MIG29 and if a Gripen or F16 decides it wants to dogfight you there is NOTHING you can do about it. They will simply bum-rush you and be completely safe until the merge just by flying low. This is due to the excessive multi-pathing in game currently.’

So basically… On the red side your situational awareness is horrible, you can hardly turn on your (already inferior) radar without revealing your location to the entire enemy team on their RWR’s as “MIG29”, you’re up against invisible missiles, you don’t have enough flares on any Russian top tiers to consistently pre-flare. If you attempt to engage a target or push someone away with your radar missile then you’ll not only bring more attention to yourself but that person will now be hauling ass towards you at mach 1.2 on the deck and there’s nothing you can do about it until after the merge, where pretty much every other flight model beats you.

The only saving grace is that the average skill in sim is very low. People don’t realise this but the game would literally be unplayable for the red side if blue side actually knew what they were doing / were abusing the meta.


I’m really looking forward to unlock my first Mig29 soon…


Already abusing…
I didn’t want to write about this so as not to look like a whiner. But didn’t the developers know about this when they were preparing the update? The thought that the Gaijin did this on purpose makes me angry.
The most interesting thing is that the Su-27 RWR provides significantly more information in reality than in the game. Gaijin gave all aircraft the NATO RWR, but since the capabilities of the Soviet RWR were not implemented there, these capabilities were simply taken away. Even with these capabilities, the Su-27 did not become significantly better, but slightly.
It hurts.

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Su-27 we have in game is very first production model that can’t even operate R-77. And I fully expect S-27SM to roll out with ARH update, or shortly after and it probably will feature SPO-150, just like Mig-29SMT which is NATO standard RWR in terms of utility.

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Ok, unlocked the Mig 29 and played 2 matches…
Boy o boy, team red is really fckd.

-Aim9Ms are super annoying.
-Team blue always knows where you are
-You can´t fly higher than 50m above ground without getting 2-3 sparrows from all sides.

But these are problems I could live with/manage somehow.

The biggest issue is the sheer number of enemies.

Yes, the skill level is not astronomical high, as I was able to gun two F-16s in the stock Mig 29, but its really a missile mess.
You can´t engage in a fight without being shot from the side after 5 sec.

Lets see how it plays with R27ER and R27ET (R60MKs were completely useless), but I see an challenge coming ;)

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