Top Tier ARB EC maps are a mess

Hi there.
So I dont know is that only me but with La Royale update I have noticed increased number of EC maps in top tier matches and I would like to know a reason behind it or maybe its only sems like its more often.
Anyway since the “standard” version of the maps got bigger for higher tiers are the EC maps really necessery? It only takes longer to you guess it right another furball, not only that but it makes it easyer for afk bombing bots since bases are spreaded out and good luck finding some of them without blind hunt order.
Should Gajin just remove EC maps? IMO those are just trash.

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I clearly disagree with your mindset around EC maps…Those maps can make some planes to actually be able to perform their role as strike fighters.
Example, you got F-4E… 11.0 BR, you match against 12.0s in uptier… Go load bombs, take out a base …at least you get something and as well when the 12.0 planes got in the skies irl , that’s what F-4E became, a bombcart… After you take out the base, go ambush something if possible, even if you die it’s extra RP and EC maps give more RP than usual as well…

Another thing, all those top tier planes have radars that can see many km away, Doppler etc. You can use them to find someone hiding even without blind hunt.

That being said, it’s not that because you (me or anyone else) doesn’t like something … other people doesn’t like it either. Those maps have their own …fanbase. Personally there are times i prefer smaller maps (even City) just because i have limited time and other times i prefer a more multi-role play going for big RP etc. and i prefer EC ones.

The real problem is that you can’t tune out of them. You can ban only one map, thus you can’t decide your gameplay depending on your time or what you actually want to do.
The nice thing to have is to have the option to decide what kind of maps you want to play, EC or standard ? Or even massive City sessions?