Top tier air sim has become too compressed

Right now the BR brackets for sim battles at top tier air are wayyy too compressed. There is no way a 11.7 plane can actually fight against 13.0 planes with Fox-3s, Aim-9Ms, R-73s and much more.
(Also Aim-9Ms and AAM-3s are broken but thats another topic)


Yepp. We need a 12.3-13.0 bracket, at least for 2 days in the rotation. So 11.7 and 12.0 planes are playable again.

Maybe even 12.7-13.0.
Everyone who wants to play top tier, will play 12.7 or 13.0 anyway, so the top bracket is still big enough.

Unfortunately this still makes F-4F KWS, J-8, etc bad

Probably true.
Sim is far more sensitive to technology and weapon differences than air RB due to the forced first person perspective and virtual joystick minimum.

F-4F ICE and F-15C in sim are likely decimating everyone due to how powerful they are for that game mode.

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Literally one of the worst performing aircraft the mode has seen recently (F-4F ICE). Why in the world would a phantom be competing with F-15s and F-16s and Gripens?

Sim is different to air RB.
While in air RB Mig-29SMT and F-4F ICE are the lesser performing airframes, the airframe only matters when out of ARHs.

And in sim the airframes matter even less because of the forced first person perspective.
Sim narrows airframe differences more than air RB does due to the perspective shift.

I can’t common on air arcade tho as I max out at like 7.7 for air arcade playing personally.

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I’m fully aware. I’ve actually played this BR in sim. I doubt you have.

No. It matters a shit ton regardless considering you have to actually AVOID the enemy’s missiles AND in sim you have to use the F-4F’s ancient cockpit versus modern massively improved cockpits… see how I’m actually talking about sim right now and referencing the differences? Crazy.

Don’t fly your 11.7 aircraft in rotations where they meet 13.0!

There are two out of four rotations where 11.7 is the topmost BR. Fly those aircraft then.

(But yes, obviously the Brackets/Rotations must get adjusted soon to decompress and to accommodate all top BR’s properly)

But the 12.0 aircraft could not engage the 13.0 aircraft at all, and there were even three 12.0 aircraft that did not even have SARH AAM.

Yes. As I said, a decompression is needed anyway. If we get a “safe space” for the 12.00 however, I don’t know. = /

When you without ARHs/SARH better just turn away, literally
Theres no point to defend against arh, when you cant attack them

If 12.0 “safe” space - tomcat great again.

Multipath works just fine if the enemy doesn’t attack you from a high altitude

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Should we stop playing the game altogether then? That’s not good advice.

Decompression is badly needed. Because I want to play now, not in 2 days when I have the right setup. This applies to ground simulation battles as well. Setups some are dead for one side. And the right setups are sometimes unavailable, so, for example, I can play on the tops in SB only once a week

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Bluefor have more “space climbers”

That’s a out-of-context exageration.

No, of course not!

Just that contrary to all other game modes you have the freedom to chose exactly at what BR you want to play. That’s one of the big advantages of Sim, NOT a drawback!


Today and tomorrow will be great to play 9.7, 10.7 or 11.7, so great for example for my Milan, or my Mirage 2000, F-14A,…

Wednesday-Thursday then will be a good day to take our my beloved F-5E Squadron Thaiger or A-10!

And so on…

It’s not discouraging to play something specific, or stop playing at all! On the contrary, if I play the Milan today, I can be 100% sure not to have to face a 10.0, 10.3 or even 10.7!

However, they just need to give up the time frame in their setups.
I’m really afraid that due to the fact that setups are set up by a person who either plays little or doesn’t play at all, it will turn out that some setups will either die out completely or will take 40-minute battles.
From this point of view, yes, it is beneficial to force players to move to other setups using their availability restrictions

And yes, this is still a substitution of concepts. My freedom of choice is when I can choose something here and now, and not “someday, when the time is right”

Still more choice and control than no choice at all, like RB where some vehicles/BR’s are damned to get unusually high percentage of uptiers, just because their neighboring BR’s are FOTM.

And you really can’t find anything else to enjoy in the rotations where your preferred vehicle is in a bad spot?

So whats your solution?
A bracket for every single BR, so you can play the highest possible plane every day?
The actual system is good and it is no problem to play 0.3 under the max BR.

Only exception at the moment is 13.0, as you just can´t evade ARHs and keep the lock for your SARHs at the same time

Man, when are these BR changes hitting :/

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