Top tier air matchmaking

Can someone explain me why is it possible to play against 3 f15, 2 gripen, when we got only 11.3 max br in our team ? Thats bullshit.


First, there are only 2 F15 and 2 Gripen. So it’s 11.3-12.3.
The 11.0 planes in your team are in Squad.

Second, that’s warthunder.


the problem is 4 12.3 vs only 11.3, hope gaijin will see this shit

the problem is that gaijin doesn’t realize that between an 11.3 plane and a 12.3 plane there is a huge performance and technological gap, and they compare them, and it’s quite absurd and frustrating because unfortunately the uptier games are more than those at your level or lower. they should start to smooth things out because especially with the entry of new vehicles the generation gap is becoming even more difficult

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Lets be clear, i dont care about getting uptiered ( +1 br ) im not a noob i understand that, the problem is

ENNEMY TEAM got 12.3
ALLY TEAM dont get anything above 11.3

there is supposed to be the same number of 12.3 in each team to be balanced for the MATCH MAKING
but we got nothing instead, thats not supposed to be possible.

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Yeah true, even is there is a huge difference in technology between 11.3 and 12.3, it doesn’t bother me that much even if this is stupid, but, they should at least put equal numbers of top tier vehicules like 3x 12.3 br (ex: F16-C) against 3x 12.3 br (ex: Mig 29SMT) and not half team 12.3 against full team 11.3 to 12.0 br in the game, I agree with the autor.

16v16 there can’t be half the team 12.3 (8) while the other team has 11.3. Half the team 12.3 is “virtual 12.7” so lowest BR is 11.7.

Even if you’re 12.7 secret br type shit exist, explain to me why I tag against it and why I don’t have it on my side (the group tag with exclusive 11.3 br, not 11.7)