Too much meats on the grid?

Daily tasks, general tasks, pages of history, etc etc… War thunder isn’t a game, is a work!


I wouldn’t call it a job, but I agree WT absolutely has too much stuff and it is long past the point of burnout-indicing.


The less of that stuff you do, the more fun it is.

The key question is: Do I really need that stuff? Do I need another non-premium Jaguar when I have a spaded one? Well, it would be nice to have … but NO.

Many times, when I am honest, the answer is no. When the premium Strikemaster was announced, I thought “Yes, I want that one”. So I cleaned out the battlepass to the end and got three premiums, four talismans and the new pass for free. But honestly, from the new pass, I am only interested in the french DD, which I got today. So I aim at the three premiums plus some talismans in the long run but not pass completion. I know it isn’t worth the efford. And likely, I don’t want the next one for free either.

They don’t have to do all these events for me, as I am likely not taking part. Unless the prize is really sweet and worth having.


I suspect that there are quite a few players who buy the individual levels in these events and that Gaijin sees this as a new source of income.

Then don’t do it. No one is forcing you to do tasks, and they don’t have great rewards. Play the game how you like, don’t try to keep up with every available challenge.


It’s an optional experience. Do it if you want to, otherwise set your own goals - the one true way to enjoy this game imho.

Don’t let FOMO ruin your leisure time. God knows the rest of the world is ugly enough as is. If we’re not here to have fun, then why are we playing? 😁


People can excuse it by calling it optional or accuse you of FOMO, but ultimately there’s a ton of content locked behind these grinds, if you opt out of the battle pass you miss out on a dozen vehicles a year, which also is tied to the warbond store for some reason which are even more vehicles, if you opt out of events probably another dozen vehicles a year, do that for a few years and there’s over a 100 vehicles you missed out on.

Already there are 700 vehicles not in the TT.


You know you can just ignore it? I never finished single Pages of History.

Like in a all-inclusive buffet, you don’t need to “win” by getting everything possible.

Take the stuff you like most, don’t worry about what you don’t like.

And most importantly: Don’t get annoyed by the buffet if it provides too much for you to stomach: yes, there IS an abundance of stuff available, but that doesn’t mean you need to overstuff yourself.

(You may of course, if you wish…)


Yet even if you limit yourself to a singular vehicle you’re forced to partake in these horrendous events or grind out a battlepass for months on end.

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I do sometimes feel they do put vehicles in these events/BP that really should have been available to all. Not all are “essential” but there are a few out there that fit gaps in the tech trees with no alternative.

This is where I feel Gaijin started taking the mickey.


Then if you want those vehicles get them. If you don’t, don’t worry about it. No one’s forcing you to get every vehicle in the game. If a product isn’t worth the cost in time or money don’t purchase it lol.


Except Gaijin intentionally obfuscates the time and effort required to get the thing, so besides FOMO, you have people making un(mis)informed time management decisions.


No, I think we’re all mature enough to be able to estimate ourselves if we can / want to manage it or not.

Or at least latest after the first two days should be able to do so, no?


That doesn’t really solve the problem when getting them is never a reasonable thing.

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Personally I don’t bother grinding for any vehicle that isn’t Chinese.
Only Chinese vehicles matter in my opinion so the only events I grinded were for the QN506 and M64 (also the only battle pass vehicle I’ve ever gotten).

I didn’t grind for the F-100F because it might be in the Chinese tree but isn’t a Chinese vehicle. Just an Am*rican plane in the Chinese tree.

I think that is an overestimation of the playerbase. Remember its made up of all types of people, from little kids, to teens, to… people who aren’t all there in the head.

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Well, I think the majority is able to do so, but there are of course those who chose to be offended by the availability of more events than they are willing and/or able to take part in…

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I’m not offended by the availability of events, but the way that the are structured and presented.


Daily tasks : I don’t do it ( it’s get done or not, I mean I don’t focus on complete them )
general tasks : same
pages of history : same, maybe with a nice profile icon, but all are ugly
battle pass : same, loggin gets lvl 60 ( if reddit is not wrong ) and with the easy challenges and task I can get to 70 or 80

More stuff to do means a bigger pool to pick what you want ( yes i know, daily + special task + challenge are BP stuff )