Too low research points as a reward

I did my best for my team . Even thought it was a defeat , I think the research points as a reward are too low in ground to be honest . Have the devs said anything about thinking changing them ? My premium ended 2 days ago , even with 10% RP booster , still it’s too low for reward . Only 2k research points … come on dude

its because of the fact that they changed the main source of RP to being game time, as you can see in my screenshot I got a 15 kill game at 4.0 yet still only got 951 RP towards the KV-2, gaijin needs to not only boost the RP gains like they did to SL but also hurry up with the skill rewards for RP they talked about in the roadmap.


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Same here i just trying to get Leclerc with AMX-30 super that the premium tank with premium ACC reward still too low no matter how well i’m going (never go up above 25K even with like 8-10 tank kills without death)

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Funny , cause I managed to get a nuke … the photo will speak it self . Yet … 3.5k still seems low tbh

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Gaijin stated they will implement RP bonuses for consecutive kills.

Whether or not this will resolve the gap between Air / Ground RP rates we don’t know but it seems to at least show an acknowledgement that research rate is too slow.

Ah , great . Thank you for letting me know .

Because I’m not always into the news about the game changing mechanics etc .

Thanks for taking the time to answer

The difference between air and ground is ludicrous.

From Reddit, 350 games in a tank vs 100 games in a plane, both 10.0 premium,



Oh wow , yeah it’s pretty bad to be honest . The devs should look into it . I enjoy more ground mode than air , so I play ground . But I won’t play at the same br for months just to get 1 vehicle unlocked . Too much grind

You have to play about 3 times as much, your crew requirements are also significantly higher and you need more vehicles, the offset makes no sense but they always punish ground forces, in every event they also always get the worst deal by far.

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I agree with you 100% .