Toggle between AA sight and ground sight

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In the game, the vast majority of SPAA have sights without magnification or in any case they have two sights, one without magnification to fight against airplanes and another that is telescopic to shoot at ground targets.I think it would be good for the game since as a general rule the SPAA telescopic sights are not correct for shooting down planes, since it has too much zoom and you do not have good visibility when the planes pass sideways, especially in SPAA like the Swedish lvkv 42, which has a very large zoom, when I would possibly use a gyroscopic sight like the one used by the AMX-13 DCA or airplanes.

As you can see in these images, in the game some SPAA already have these two sights in the 3D model, these are highlighted in green those that are for AA, and in red those that are for ground combat.

For example, the M163 VADS has three sights, the one rounded in blue would be the night sight.

And here is a real image of a German 20mm cannon, where you can see the two sights.

This suggestion would consist of the SPAA that have two sights being able to use them by pressing a button or using the mouse wheel, making it possible to go from 3 person to AA sight and if you move the mouse wheel more you change to ground targets with the zoom that that telescopic sight has.

As a standard SPAA sight, the circle one could be used with the separation between them adjusted for each type of weapon, and the one for ground targets would be the one normally used in the cross shape.


I would indeed like this… This’d make me more lethal.

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I would really like this. The Sd.Kfz 251/21 had those kinds of AA sights for a while, but then they removed them. This proves that they have the ability to model them. +1

I had to use custom AA sights for SPAAGs without ballistic computers, and I see a great improvement of accuracy. But on the other hand, aiming at ground targets became a problem. I would love to see Gaijin add a seperated AA sight.


In some SPAA the sights more or less work, but you have to keep in mind that the sight rings would have to be at a different distance for each cannon, because they represent the speed of the bullet with respect to the movement of an airplane. On the other hand Although custom sights work well in some SPAA, there are others that are useless because they have been given completely meaningless scope magnifications, so you cannot follow a plane even with the smallest magnification.

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I see no problem with them adding this tbh, we already have commander sights that alternate with binoculars.

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Yes PLEASE. This would mainly help Simulator, but also RB to some extent.