TOG II can fight T-44-122



Mice can meet Vidars.

I don’t know why, but yesterday in a game a tog 2 stopped him with the front of his turret about 6 shots from my jagdpanther, and in fact he ended up killing me.

Because they give the same passion into their balance like you into your postings …

Damn where’s my 300 pen explosive shell and 200mm < 400mm of effective armor

Equally to you

“where’s your doctoral thesis”

Equally to you

T-44-122 really is not a good tank, the TOG can pen it easily as well. But TOG should be 5.0 imo

Who talks about a doctoral thesis? You just ask a simple question and even don’t take the effort to put any suggestions or other stuff worth discussing into your post … just a “Why” not even a question mark.
You want a doctoral thesis? Here it is … you want attention and you are lazy.
The amount of postings by you pushes other threads down worth to be discussed.
Even without a doctor title everyone can make a list which tanks a TOG II will face … you want some examples? … here we go …
M109A, Super Hellcat, JPz 4-5, IS-2, 2S3M, M41A1, Typ 63 … and so on and so on …
What is your point by just asking “why”? Simple answer … Gaijin “balanced” it … do you want to discuss the balance?
Do you want to discuss the BR? What is this thread about? Do you really think any employee from Gaijin will come here who is responsible for the balance of the tanks and will answer your question?

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T-44-122 have 75mm flat part of UFP, did you knew about that?

Is this what is so problematic in the TOG? or are you incapable of aiming center mass? You should complain about the panthers instad of the overtiered garbage T-44-122

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“worth discussing”

seems the title works fine to prompt a discussion

Damn OP vehicles

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The shots on the LFP are “possibility low” the green shade is not accurate.

The mobility and firepower is the problem and disparity.

Wicked that means it should be 3.3 right?

TOG II? Probably no.

The TOG II’s flat front plate isn’t 75mm, “did you knew about that”?

It’s looks like 5.3 vehicles for me.

As I said … attention seeker … hf …

Thanks for seeking attention. Glad you got it, good contribution towards discussion.