TOG II can fight T-44-122

True its firepower and armor would justify placement at 5.3

This ignores its large profile and low speed which same with the churchills below it necessitates a lower placement than their other features would suggest at first glance.

Especially considering the TOG’s armor is even less than that of the churchill placed below it.

Oh you weren’t done seeking attention well always glad to help someone feel better in life.

You have very big engine, with full reverse, cosplay IS tanks.

Very big engine with 14km/h max

So use it as shield like IS series tanks do.

The IS series is not plagued with mobility problems.

Your comparison is not logical.

Just as example of backasswards tanking, it’s working tactics for tanks with good reverse speed and big engine, if shell doesn’t have ovepressure rngine will eat all gragments from shell explosion and protect the crew.

Again and again and again it has to be repeated:
Balance is not and should not be based on uptiers, but at the BR that a vehicle sits appropriately at.
Both vehicles in this case HAVE an appropriate BR and thus makes them facing each other a non issue.

Not like the TOG II would have much trouble with the T-44-122 anyways… it’s a very niche and rare tank that has incredibly easily exploitable weaknesses…


You should turn off “Consider camera vertical angle”.

Other than at extremely close ranges, having it on leads to more inaccurate protection map results.

no it should be turned on, tog 2 is much taller than t-44

Which barely matters at any distance past 100 meters.

You’re using protection map at 500 meters there so it shouldn’t matter at all if the TOG is taller or not.

And before anything else, no, bullet drop doesn’t matter much either. Specially not at these distances and specially not with cannons that fire rounds at higher speeds.

The tog at 5.3 is too high - gaijin was scared that they actually might give the UK a good tank.

The problem is more or less solid shot, gaijin has still yet to actually make it spall correctly so you shoot tanks and they dont die.