Tog Event

Reduce the marks of distinction to only 20k, I DO NOT WANT TO GRIND FOR 5 HOURS EVERY SINGLE TIME GAIJIN. Nobody likes these marks of bullshit forcing you to slave away every day, IM TIRED OF THE GRIND.


It’s 17.5k mission points each day, pretty easy to accomplish in a couple of hours if you ask me.

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that requires me to play for two days, I WANT TO DO SHIT BESIDES WAR THUNDER


Nobody forces you to grind this tank, don’t see the problem here


I want it, but they made the grind stupidly unfun so cut the crap


I get the first 3 stars easy, so get over it


Yeah stop asking for it to be easier to get vehicles. I really enjoy licking the soles of gaijins boot while they squeeze my nutsack.


Welp, I get the 20 score for the pfp and 35k in for the tog in 2-3 hrs. It defo doesn’t take forever for sure.

I love people who go out of their way to defend shitty grindy events, they probably do it solely for their own personal gain as it limits the amount of people they can obtain something so they can feel better about their wasted time because the vehicle is more rare, even though they won’t ever play it regardless.


Last event was pretty miserable from the grinding perspective, this one is much, much easier.
Also, getting 35k mission score shouldn’t be even an issue for someone that plays regularly.

I dont want to sweat every 2 days to grind out 35k score


That’s far from sweating if you play for a couple of hours a day regularly.

They probably defend it cause they play the game modes/ranks that give the highest multipliers for score base events. But not all players play or even like boats or high tiers. I remember when people used to complain about task based events being too hard, now they are not hard they just take a lot of time. The ones that defend them seem to be the ones that have plenty of free time to play.


Not everyone has no life like you man, i want to do other shit and still get the TOG without spending any money on buying the marks


Tells me I’m a no lifer while having more battles in total than me, okay mate.
Also, seems like you have 148 battles played in the last week, which is way more than you need to finish this event effortlessly.


So far every star took me 3 hours and I didn’t even go for the maximum modifiers.

Well idk how you would make an event that doesn’t require you to play the game to receive its top reward.

While arguably this is not a very forgiving event in terms of not playing every day. In terms of requirements for getting the TOG its not very time consuming.

I did the 35k in 1 hour 50 minutes in what was a series of 9 very good matches. It would probably be 6 hours over 2 days in some not so great matches.

But honestly, you can allways just not get the vehicle if you find it interfiering with other activities. Its also why golding it is an option

Previous event like this was 40k, wow, what a difference… 6 stages to get a meme vehicle, for that one you got the CT-CV for 8 stages.

They play the game a lot and only this game that allows them to get these things with minimal extra effort, and it’s that shitty elitist and entitled attitude that leads them to act like this because they don’t want others to get these things as well… even with some event vehicles from years and years ago people don’t want them to become available again because ‘‘i eArnEd iT’’


Been getting the points before I could even get dailies done, this is far from grindy. Maybe play at a higher rank?