Tog Event

I was thinking about that crafting event.

Which is just a different type of event, which will be back, this is the other type of event that is no better than previous versions of the event, just worse rewards.

Then dont grind and dont whine idk man it is that simple

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Spending money in this game is the worst thing you could ever do, DO NOT FEED THE SNAIL.

Im not playing top tier, its not fun at all with the drones and helis and bs 6.7 is fine

When they changed events from 3 out of 5 tasks to score based events I remember the ones defending them, they just wanted to get the marks by playing time, not for playing good but for the amount of time they spent playing.
I play events since 2015 when I started playing this game, and these type of players have ruined events completely, now every event is the same boring grind. In the past when we had WW2 Chronicles where we had to use certain vehicles that we probably would never use on a normal day, the task based events would also “force” us to play in a certain way and for me that was somewhat refreshing, I mostly played fighters but those events would make me also play bombers to get the tasks done, and I usually kept playing even after getting them done. Now with score based events that take a lot of time for those that play the most played game mode and ranks in the game cause we are penalized by the worse multipliers, I just love to continue to see people here saying that the events are fast, that’s simply cause Gaijin wants to populate the game modes and ranks that those players play. Remove the multipliers and let’s see them talk then.

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The worst part is we have to play tanks, if i could just use planes id have the score in like an hour…

I could do plane marks in 3 matches when we had task events, now I have to choose if I want to get the tank reward or the plane reward cause of the time it takes me now.

Id you dont want to trade time for money. Have fun i guess.

Did it pretty quickly at 6.0. So not exactly hard at lower BRs either.


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Ah yes, providing Gaijin with the money that they need to keep the game running and further develop it is the worst thing, you could ever do.

No money = no game


Task based events had their own issues, for the good player it could drastically reduce the requirements but for a bad player it could take a very long time, but as with everything ground always got the worst of it.
Initially RB had an x2 multiplier for kills, which they then removed whilst constantly increasing the requirements and outright lying about how ground was the easiest and how the average player gets 5 kills per game or something insane like that, whilst air and naval were trivial in comparison, I remember spending the entire time working on ground forces and then being able to do air and naval in a fraction of the time.

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Could be that the price for it is a tank, or I’m wrong

Oh no! You have to play tanks to unlock a tank! This is unheard of!

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Yes, but you could pick 3 out of 5 tasks to do it. In Air you could get kills, assists, TNT on bases and wins which only required time, in Ground you could get kills, assists, cap points and wins which only require time. Maybe the problem was that players were counting on the wins and could get some really long losing streaks, but the other tasks only required time.

Ground was always the more time consuming one, I used to comment with my friends on why they kept increasing the ground tasks compared to the air ones, cause anyone that played both would know which one took longer to do. Except Gaijin don’t play this game like we do.

Tell that to those that are doing events in naval or air battles to get a tank reward.

Ah yes, the ‘every bit of monetization is essential’ argument.

  1. He said that generally spending money on the game is bad and that we are not supposed to feed the snail. If nobody spent any money on the game, it would die quickly.

  2. Do we know anything about the expenses and earnings connected to the game?

I know every monetization system known to mankind is in the game, and that they refuse to hire more than the absolute bare minimum of employees and outsource most of their content.

Event before last was 40k in two days if I remember correctly, that is the end of summer event. I had nothing better to do, so I would finish it in one and half days taking some brakes for the Ct-Cv 105 HP.