TIger UHT EC-665 is impossible to get mods for?

Using rockets : on flat maps the best option will be to shoot all rockets from far far far away, with luck you will get some kill or assist. Since avoid death has the best reward you should not risk.
On mountain maps you can see them from a safe place and do a fast attack then run and repeat.

With hot 3 : you should avoid flat maps, very slow missile vs fast or super fast spaa
On mountain maps it’s easy, but you better choose slow or static targets since hot3 is almost unusable vs moving targets. Also try to hit roof since there is where needed crew is

However, pars are a pathetic crap right now and you should not waste time and effort.
You also need to check carefully the skies, with no turret and aa you are fked

You shouldn’t be flying so high for barrel rolling in a helicopter to even be a thing.

Here how to dodge a KA-52 aiming at you from 8 km with a Barrel Roll.
I think you don’t really know how to play helicopters…


Lowering altitude and hiding behind a building as soon as LWS goes off

I’m sure it was the flip that did it

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You do in lower BRs against SPAAGs.

Because hoarding kills prevents your teammates from getting score at no benefit to yourself

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Precisely, anything above that is diminishing returns

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I mean, I figured this was the case, but I don’t see those same teammates giving me the same treatment of letting me get kills most of the time ,and on top of that disregarding that entirely it just isn’t fun to NOT shoot at something for hours at a time. I can’t blame people for playing the gamemode like that.

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True, most people don’t know that your earnings are practically capped after a certain point and play very aggressively. Hell, I was also guilty of that at some point.

The blame is honestly more towards the game mode itself. Not a whole lot of targets spawning, and the moment one objective DOES spawn, you have to race with at least 6 other people. Either an increase of frequency for new objectives or a lowered hard limit on the amount of players per lobby is warranted.

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It does need a lowered max playercount, for sure… 3-4 players would be enough. 10 at a time as it is now just leaves most matches feeling empty…

It would be a pretty easy fix, just drop max player #s to 4 like they increased air RB to 16v16 lol

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