TIger UHT EC-665 is impossible to get mods for?

Need some advice on grinding this. Heli PvE doesn’t give any rewards because the helicopter only has either 4x TOWs or x38 Mighty mouse rockets so I can’t actually approach any of the objectives and when I do get close I don’t have enough munitions to do anything because this also doesn’t have a gun to kill anything after you destroy SPAA with TOWs for instance. If you go mixed loadout you only get 2x TOWs and x19 rockets which also isn’t enough to do anything.

In GRB, you’re extremely limited by your loadout as well. I can either rocket rush and usually die before getting a kill since I only have 38 rockets (and they aren’t good rockets either, FFARs/Mighty mouses are bad) or try to use 3.75km ATGMs at 11.7

I don’t need jokes atm like “GE it”, you know I’m not asking for that. Anybody have any advice on how to at least get the gun modification so I can kill ground targets in PvE?

I’m in the same situation with the Z-9WA - even worse in some respects.
I believe that the only feasible way might be rocket rushing early in GRB.

The most efficient way to grind helicopter modules is to rocket rush and ODL.

The only advice I can give you is, like you already mentioned, Heli PvE, theres nothing really more that you can do.
You also dont want to use the gunpod, its only a 12.7mm and pretty bad, so your only choice stays the unguided rockets.
To also really profit from Heli PvE you should activate a big booster before it and unlock the PARS 3 LR as fast as you can.
Try to stay away from SPAAs and let your m8s handle them and then kill the AI thats leftd with your unguided rockets.

or like the others said, you can try to heli rush in GRB.

cough cough GE IT

jk… i grinded Ze Tiger back in the old days when Ka-50 spam was around, all i could do was to slowly grind in Heli EC against Ground targets… It took me weeks (and unlocking the heli took me months).

The most efficient method there is now is to straight Heli rush against tanks in Ground RB and wish for the best, since PvE barely gives any reward now.

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Tried to grind them, gave up half way through (partly due to being totally fed up with SACLOS missiles after HFS-80 and both Bo105s) GEd then.

Theres sadly no reliable way of getting PARS.

That being said I dis have some limited success - if i was playing like a total rat, getting as close to battlefield as possible and only peeking through optics, waiting for some fool to expose himself. But you can as well have book ready because you will be doing a lot of waiting.

PARS was worth it in the end.

Best of luck to you tho.

Sadly, a lot of helicopters have this problem. I’ve unlocked mine with GE just because I was hyped to try it, but I usually unlock at least something decent to make it playable.
Anyway, you have HOT-3, 4,30km range, not TOWs. They are not so bad, but you must be very sneaky and flank a lot if you want to make it work. If you ping a Pantsir or ITO in your RWR, just disingage and wait until they get distracted by other players.
I usually play Sim to spade my helicopters, so try it.

C’mon man, chinese helicopters are so easy to play, grind a little or use GE.

the uht was an easier stock grind than the z-9wa

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The most efficient way to grind helicopters is to GE them. Rocket rushing only works for helicopters with access to heavy rockets (Zunis, S-8K or SNEBs) or good guns (soviet 30mm).

Every stock grind is hard, but in this case, you just unlock HJ-8E (2 modules) and you are good to go. Aside from the fact that Chinese helicopters are the easiest to fly, it’s impossible to crash with them.

Helicopters PvE, search for a unpopulated match (Ex. CIS server on night hours) and farm ground targets uncontested.

American/European server is filled with premium helicopters (Ka-50, Apaches, Z-19) stealing all the kills.

Only the UHT has contrast lock which makes PvE a lot easier


Their physics are insane lol, dauphine tail helis behave like UFOs.

Yeah it’s suffering i just bought modules with ge instead i know i know this is not the best way but what could i do!

All of them didn’t feel any different from most Helis

Only the Z-10 I would say is sus because it’s agile despite 400 tonnes of fuel on min load

Best loadout for EC is 2x HOTs with 4.3km range and 19 mighty mouse rockets… its not very viable in EC.

also, earnings are like 15k rp for an hour and 15 minutes.

PVE? Is someone still playing PVE? lmao
You don’t need to lock something that is moving on the ground with SACLOS; you guide them, so that’s your skill.
It can be useful with Hellfire-like missiles, in this case the AKD-9, but they perform so much better than Hellfire, so I guess it’s not needed anyway, and it’s still something you can compensate with your skill if you know how Hellfire behaves.
Then you only need to lock fast-moving aircraft, and you will probably do this only with Vikhrs or Starstreaks.
In this case Z-9WA can have four formidable and unflarable TY-90 AAMs.
We tested it in the customs battle, and they are broken as hell, unless they changed it in the last year.

That’s a lie because only Chinese helicopters can perform this maneuver in the game.
Here an example:

I’ve tried anything to crash myself, but this helicopter just won’t fail. Imagine doing this to dodge AA or hide behind hills, trees, or whatever you want.

Here another two example:

On paper, from what I found on the internet, the Tiger UHT should be more agile than a Z-19, but somehow this one performs maneuvers that violate the laws of physics.
Meanwhile, AA speaks for itself, and for AT, you can see that ADK-9 performs a little bit better than Hellfire.
These two last videos are 1 year old, so I guess NATO AAMs are better now. I hope so.

Are we going off topic here?

It sure beats rocket rushing 2S38s and using HOT missiles against Pantsirs.

idc for rando opinion when more than half the playerbase cannot flare off AIM-9Ms and even R-73s, double that to Ground RB and everyone is looking through targeting pods and start flaring when a missile is 3 ft away.

I doubt that

quite probably.

So Z-9WA is easier? The 2S38 is another toxic vehicle that can be a problem even for 11.7 helicopters.
Feel free to lose your time in PVE, but that gamemode doesn’t determine whether a helicopter is better than another.

It seems legit, but you still don’t need to lock with the ATGM camera.

Feel free to doubt with three videos that prove the opposite, and I wish you good luck finding a more maneuverable helicopter than the Chinese one.