Tiger II uptier

Gaijin Dev need to explain “why Tiger II br so high and always get uptier”

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Not long ago i saw a complaint that someone was getting Tiger IIs on 5.7/6.0 matches and they were OP. KTs can be top tier and uptiered…i am pretty sure some matches on Tiger II you will be top tier (or close) and ave a very efficient weapon.

Actually, KT is one of those vehicles that can handle an uptier reasonably well as it can usually kill most +1 opponents. (There are exceptions like some US/Russia heavy tanks, no need to point them out)
Some other vehicles (usually those with good armor but bad guns) are indeed useless on an uptier…and are far worse.


i saw someone on the war thunder reddit saying the 76 jumbo should be 6.7 with the tiger 2h

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The issue might be:

Tiger II player after only 1200 matches.

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Issue is this decompression that moved all your 7.0 / 7.3 vehicles to 8.0 so now only Russia and France can make solid lineups there and EVERY.SINGLE.GAME is a 7.3 or 7.7 uptier where you fight against IS-6 and Somua’s whilst everyone else is playing 6.7 and 6.3.


Gaijin planned to move it to 6.7 at some point. I expect it to go up with the recent decompression.

That would be really comical. On the other hand they pushed T-44 to 6.7 which is also comical.

Issue with this “decompression” is it doesn’t go all the way to the top thus creating another BRs with issues.

Would definitely make it less annoying.

Ho-Ri Production, late WW2 Japanese tank destroyer is 7.3. It’s still gets a chance to fight the same old Leo1, Marders, BMPs and others at 8.3.

Be thankful your Tiger II H max BR is set to 6.7.

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i play the tiger 2 it ddepends what 1 bec tiger 2 op while the p under preforms

Too high? 6.3/6.7 is perfect and uptiers aren’t that common, at least not for me, and it’s not like it can’t hold its own.