Tier 5 get a kill pay anyway

i had some battles re battles in my Me 262A1-a … even when i killed one i get a 4k SL bill (a have to pay 4K ) I am forced to shoot down 2 players or shoot one down survive and win the round when i don’t i have to pay
a very nice introduction to jets
in nummers let’s say 20 jets
team w wins
team l loses

3 survivors so in the worst case
team l -50k SL

team W
3 survivors +30k(10k for one )
2 with 2 kills -0
2 with 1 kill -8k(4k for one )
2 with 0 kills -20k(10k for one )
-48tsd SL damage each match in the player economy

team w: 30-0-8-20=2
team L: -50
total:- 48k

From my knowledge only Premium Players are mostly guaranteed to break even. Free to Poor Players still receive negative repair cost.

the answer is simply uff:


Thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support.

All vehicle profitability coefficients are set by the game developers based on the collected statistics. If you think that the profitability of a vehicle needs to be changed, please state your position on the forum: Suggestions - War Thunder — official forum

If you want to save Silver Lions, then we can recommend that you disable automatic repair and purchase of ammunition in the game hangar.

Best regards,

Support Specialist (ISL)
Gaijin Support Team

i hope the shitstream continues

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