Tier 4 axis props misfortunes

On what ground that allied late war props is at lower BR and usually repair cost compared to their Axis counterpart?

It’s insane to think that Yak-3U is sitting at 5.7, 8K repair cost with that kind of energy generation, F4U-4B with even lower repair cost and even better cannon, energy generation and retention, F2G sitting at 6.0 with better speed and control across the board when put with their compatriot and ass-pull level of energy generation, or P-51H being approximately on the same ballpark as Spit 24 with arguably better armament when we see the post-realshatter Hispano quality and higher top speed and acceleration, while the axis got airfield-spawned interceptor, Ground attack plane with 5.0 airframe that also has low quality engine, bad rudder, with only it’s gun as it’s saving grace In superprop BR, glorified spanish civil war airframe with late-war emergency engine, stretched Fw-190D with three-speed supercharger, G55 Serie 1 without the Breda-SAFAT, and glorified Zero in form of A6M5c and Re.2005, all at above 8K repair cost too?

Do allied player really underperform THAT bad? because I can assure you that it is easier to win in Allied team than it is to win in Axis Team, does that smaller win rate justify the abhorrent BR and repair cost for the axis plane because “the fact that you can win with these planes under the strain of better enemy equipment and worse lineup makes US incline to agree that they’re good plane because you can win under all these condition” is the logic that run the balancing department? It’s sad to know that a lot of Axis props doesn’t get the same repair cost buff in huge increment except maybe J2M, but they really need some crutch, lower repair cost or lower BR would certainly helps especially if we want to talk about combatting Ju-288 spam.


I know not everyone agrees but its very easy to clown on all but the best american pilots in the ta 152.

American 5.3-6.3 is definitely stacked but I dont have too many issues with most nations.


Biggest issue at rank 4 air RB is the ju288 plague. It’s not fun to fight them or to have them on your team. The match maker should allocate the same number of bombers to each team and scrap historical match making. People can play sim if they want to roleplay, the matchmaking is already ahistorical enough, might as well completely open it up for the benefit for gameplay.

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H1, yeah, did that, been there, hated every moment of playing that plane because majority of it is a 2 v 4 with uptiered D-9, K4, or some random Italian mains against 3 F2G, 3 P51H, and 1 poor sod that can only afford F4U-4B.

Can’t say the same for C3, it’s a sad plane.


So you’re saying that a team CAN have P-51H, Ta-152, and F2G fighting against the same team cops?

Fair, but it doesn’t adress the absurd repair cost of Axis planes in rank 4, if we can give F4U4B tier 3 repair cost why not Ta-152, G.56, or Re.2005?

I don’t mind historical MM. You’re basically guaranteed to get it on Pacific maps like Wake Island or Peleliu. Those maps are some of the most fun you can have in 4.7-5.7 US props, although they’re quite rare. Not as rare as Operation Norway though. (Seriously, why the hell does that map never get picked by the MM nowadays?)

As far as I remember in regards to Norway, people complained it away as it was the one and only map for a few years as US/GB vs. GER/(IT) setup. Understandably as it was one of those rigged maps, dont get me wrong as I liked the ambience of the map to fly in. But having one side without AF that has to be capped which could be denied with only one attacker well…

Thanks to the cashgrab additions of nations we dont have any balance or interesting matches anymore or interesting maps based on historical events. It has all gone down to headonthunder, no thinking of “Its Map XYZ, Enemies ABC, there will probably be climbers ground pounders, GT need to cap Area EFG or held of from said area etc.” its just rushing in and be done.


Actually i liked Norway in the old days (after axis fighters got finally airspawn too) and flew in February this year 2 missions there - 2 days in a row with my Italian P-47 D-30.

The allies had always 3 carriers to land. And even if you killed all 3 - those carriers respawned after a few minutes. And as far as i remember those matches, capturing the forward axis AF with ai landing crafts happened quite often, as those landing crafts spawned in several waves…

The old axis vs allies setup is still in place. 2 matches, 7vs7 and a 8vs8 - ofc as full uptier with 4 Ju 288s in my team… :-)

And from the map layout - lightyears away from this boring map design of newer maps.

And for the Pacific maps, some of them are incredibly limited in terms of what BR’s you can see them at.

Also I just noticed this, but why? Korea was one of the best jet maps ingame, and now it’s restricted to 7.3 and below? So you can’t actually have a MIG15 and a Sabre fight each other on this map? Honestly quite silly. First they changed the runways (which was one thing that actually made it interesting), and now this?

I for some reason also have rather bad memories of playing rank 4s, even 3s with Germany planes.

Perhaps it is skill issue on my part - without fine tuning the radiators and other things, that mostly should be relevant to simulator battles - it seems to me that most of US and UK planes could deal with BF109G series and FW190, starting with A-5, I think.
Even boom and zooming seemed to not work that well.

The favorite BF109 of mine is E-1. And the FW190-A1. But everything in rank 3 and above now just reminds me of getting shot down.

To be fair, it’s been a while since I’ve played rank 4. I prefer to leave the damaged planes to be repaired by crew (or just, it will repair itself), rather than spending SLs, which probably contributes to the low frequency that I play these.

I can agree to have and arcade 2.0 matchmaking… but only if we have some historical events or EC to play axis vs allies or commies vs allies.

It’s the least they should do with so many unbalanced premium planes… also, the game has already 10 years… why do we don’t have an airspawn for all planes… it would make games faster and reduce some of the idle climbing time.

Don’t forget one side’s bombers had easy access to base targets to bomb.

allied props? well, mostly american rank 3 and rank 4 props. The XP5 sells well and us mains don’t perform good. The F8F-1B, p51h and f4u 4b are good 7.0 candidates given them having the best prop guns in the entire game, the best high speed handling and the best climb rates and top speeds in the entirety of rank 4. Being 60kmh faster than the fastest allied aircraft is no slouch, having cannons that haven’t been affected by the drag nerfs is also very much welcome. They share climb rates with the spitfire mk24 and mk22, which are overtiered as hell.

you couldn’t do much either when the plane you’re facing on k4 is literally 70kmh faster than you at any altitude, turns better, holds energy better and has four guns that put your mg151’s to shame. To add more salt to the wound, us piston aircraft can’t be taken down easily not even with four mk103’s.

It’s been the case for years that Germany’s only saving grace at this BR range is the 152 H-1 mostly due to its airspawn, energy retention and maneuverability, in speed at relevant altitudes it too is outclassed. I’m grateful for all the P-51H pilots who try and dogfight my 152 instead of using their overwhelming speed and climb advantage to energy trap me. Doing their part to keep their P-51H’s BR low and my kills high.

It’s sad because the best-case German 1945 props like 109 K-4/G-10 and 190 Dora would actually perform quite well against their historical allied opponents and the Ta 152 H-1 would absolutely clobber them, such as P-51D-5/10/20, P-47D, Spitfire Mk 9 and Mk 14, Tempest Mk Vs. Ironically, it is actually the Allies who bring the “1946 what if” air fleet of pure prototypes, pacific fighters and post-war aircraft to air RB.

The dead-weight Ju 288 spam is just there to simulate that as the Luftwaffe you are massively outnumbered in 1945.


The LaGG-1/La-7?