Ticket overbleeding in Simulation air EC


Since today I see tickets bleeding by 1K tickets without any specific objectives done by the team, game ends after around 30 minutes even if nobody made any “farm” attemps.


I have notice that the game tickets will shift. Ive been on a team winning by a comfortable margin to loosing the game by a lot for no specific reason. Would very much like to see a detailed breakdown of how tickets are handled. Been doing sim for a while and still have no clear idea

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This ticket bleed needs to be fixed ASAP. I’m seeing more and more sim players are noticing it.

Played a game last night that went way too fast. It only took 30 minutes for an enemy team of five players to drain our tickets. Something is definitely wrong.

All of a sudden i lost control of my plane mid flight and then the match was over. Went from 50/50 to 0/50 in favor of the opfor in just a couple of sec’s. Something is broken, as per usual in the WT-world. =(
New phenomena since this week, afaik.

I have also noticed that almost all sessions results after 40-50 from start minutes are already decided - one team is already at 5% of tickets remaining while the opponent has 95% of tickets.
When I played sessions from start, suddenly one of the team is loosing almost all tickets.
It looks like new bug.

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Same bug in almost every match, it’s clear they don’t test the patches …

Our colleague made a bug report, press “I have the same issue”… Maybe someone will react…


Thanks for posting this. Can confirm i have the same issues and had also opened a (duplicate) report at Gaijin.net // Issues. This is quite game breaking IMO, a quick fix would be appreciated!

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This issue is still persisting, and seems to be getting worse. I’ve noticed it happens more frequently when Chinese bots are in the game… Maybe the script kiddies are influencing ticket bleed?

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If you check the bug report posted by Szakal, you’ll see the bug is resolved and will be implemented in the next first or second patch.


I thought I was going crazy, glad this is getting resolved

Sweet, thats a relief

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Not sure, matches are not going much longer than one hour still… I dont know if it is just me or something, but each mission does a huge amount of influence in the ticket bleed. Any thoughts?

Nothing about the issue in last changelog - so I suppose it is still not fixed…

“next first or second patch.”

So might be next update

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Yesterday it was in the changelog, I guess they noticed it’s not 100% fixed and removed it.

Anyway yesterday with v2.27.1.42 didn’t have the bug.

Edit: We just got v2.27.1.46 this morning.

It was in the end of “It´s fixed!” That day.
After playing some games, it looks like instead of tickets bleading for no reason in huge amounts, they now bleed from missions… but still in huge amounts